When Journalism was a Thing, Part Four.

I love how journalists are just cluing in that images on the Internet may not be real.


Really? I haven't noticed.


I remember during the war in the former Yugoslavia, I would write or call various media outlets and tell them the images they were presenting were unreasonable facsimiles of reality.

Nope, nope, nope, they said. Not a single correction.

Even though the images were glaringly wrong.

I notice almost none of those flawed images (except for one) are ever being used anymore.

Which means those in the industry damn well knew those images were fraudulent or highly deceptive, and are now keeping conveniently quiet about them.

I remember the mass Serbian grave the press tried to sell as Bosnian Muslim. Wrong alphabet and wrong religious symbols on them. They don't show those images with the corrected identification.

I find that very interesting.

When it suits their purposes, the profession keeps their big mouths shut.

But when it is their own backsides on the line, they like to point out that "social media" has fake stuff on it.

Yeah, so do you, but you have a longer history of it that had greater consequences.

You are not ones to talk.

But I am.

I am one who can talk about it.

Because I went into the profession for the express purpose of exposing the things in the profession that were not on the level.

But there was a time where many things in journalism were on the level.

You had the Daniel Pearls and the Chauncey Baileys who died to expose the truth.

Nellie Bly and Jessica Mitford were also square shooters.

They weren't the only ones. Oh no, you had honest brokers of information.

But you also had rot.

And the rot won out.

Over and over again.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein weren't rot. Dickey Chapelle wasn't rot.

And all of that work got lost in the slop. They can no longer be used as a shield to hide the mess.

And that is not acceptable.

Nor is it acceptable to ignore the rot just because we once had The Boys of Baghdad. 

It is a mess of epic proportions.

Truth more than just matters: it exists; it's real, and it guides our lives.

It would be nice if we finally respected Truth.

And it begins by facing the death of the industry that forgot the one thing it was always supposed to cover as it revered...