Memo to Journalists: "State-sponsored trolling" went on for years, and you were the preferred vector. It is business as usual.

Propaganda is nothing new.

As in, it has always been with us.

I would post quite a few newspaper articles here, but the use of racial slurs is really too much, and if you want to verify it yourself, do it.

That's right: newspaper headlines and editorial cartoons were very proud of using stereotypes to go along with the war propaganda.

My book Don't Believe It!: How lies become news chronicles a lot of the state-sponsored trolling that went on in mainstream media, from the First World War, both Gulf Wars, and the war in the former Yugoslavia.

I chronicled those the most because many of the other war coverage would be considered hate speech. 

We still have hate speech because journalists cannot let go of their narratives of combat and division, but they have to be more careful.

So they got the three brain cells they had among them and decided to go after the Russians in a bid to get their power back.

In this case, they are using logical fallacies with their meta-propaganda: that is, propaganda about propaganda.

The Internet seriously weakened not just journalism, but politics. Politicians are so used to their old rigs that the loss of control they have suffered threatens to blow away their facades and expose what little power and control they actually have -- and should citizens realize what criminals knew decades ago, they wouldn't go on a rampage and break the law so much as ignore the law and not tremble in their boots or expect some institution to save them: they'd do it themselves in the way that suits them.

Once people figured out they don't need journalism to air whatever grievance or information they had, journalism collapsed, meaning governments lost that air of authority, weakening their rigs, and diluting their power.

So they have to think of other ways to regain control, and what they know is to scare the little people.

WIth meta-propaganda.

We have McClatchy scaring people about how propaganda (or "fake social media posts") is "exploding globally", while Bloomberg has some long drivel entitled "A Global Guide to State-Sponsored Trolling" complete with obnoxious old school computer graphics in a very geezer way of trying to be ironic.

Nah, it was always there, we just used to call them "press releases."

You remember the state-sponsored trolling where the US regime took a young female Private by the name of Jessica Lynch and made her over into a war hero, guns a'blazin' and all that jazz.

Or the trolling of how a young female hospital volunteer named Nayirah testified she saw Iraqi soldiers kill Kuwaiti new borns.

You think propaganda just came on the scene just now?

Nice try, you trolls.

Journalists don't get that their credibility is just like virginity: once they lost it, it was lost forever.

Meta-propaganda works by invoking fear, and pretending you can trust no one else -- except the ones spewing the meta-propaganda.

It is a con game, of course, and every con game has a confederate shill warning you not to the trust the main grifter because the confederate has your back.

So I question every article pushing this narrative. If anyone is secretly working on behest of some other dubious grifter, it would be those pushing this kind of dreck.

Propaganda works if you are afraid. If you are not intimidated by someone, you do not care what lies they are selling because you are brave enough to verify that information on your own.

I am a political atheist and radical centrist for a reason: no one is going to scare me into a corner.

I can handle the eye of the storm, thank you very much.

Because you become what you hate and you become imprisoned by what you fear.

Don't hate and fear, and you liberate yourself. You learn there are many trustworthy people out there. You learn to hone your instincts and senses without fear of looking silly or getting trolled by cowards who try to shout you down.

Those lost souls are not to be feared. Pitied, maybe, but never feared.

F.R.E.E.D. doesn't worry about state-sponsored anything. It searches for facts. When you put facts out there, the lies become increasingly obvious.

That's why I never understood why journalism just didn't drop the narratives and opinions and stopped depending on PR to dictate their stories: if they just used more facts and less fear-mongering, lies would repulse them and the world would insist on organic news, not this over-processed trash.

A day late and a dollar short, kids. The information stream was infected a long time ago, and that's why it is time to leave journalism behind and embrace a better way of informing the world about itself...