When Journalism was a Thing, Part One.

Once upon a time, a single major newspaper such as The Washington Post and the New York Times could have had just a couple of reporters go after a politician for a couple of months at the most, and that person's career would be done.

It is akin to giving an antibiotic to a patient, and the infection goes away.


Now in 2018, we have media outlets around the world obsessively focus on one man for years, and he is still standing.

That is akin to giving a patient bags full of the strongest antibiotic you can give at the highest dose and...nothing.

And all this with an active assist of a political party, social media ideologues, and people who work in public relations who have invested millions of dollars in research in knowing how people think and using their best tricks.

There is no triumph in this no matter how things play out. 

Once people understand the puritanical rage is nothing but white noise because it inoculates against mob and authority rule, that clears the path for the next generation of rebels to be able to navigate through sea of anger better than the one before him.

Facts no longer matter. Neither does truth or reality. Whatever decree that pops into people's head is perfect and glorious, and they never have to admit they are wrong or need to apologize, especially if they are part of a mob who thump their chests to whatever nincompoopity they decree is acceptable.

We hear about people both claiming it is a Post Truth World -- and then insist what they are saying is the own personal truth. 

What happened?

We lost respect for facts. Opinion is the fodder that drives the world.

Opinion is cheap and you need no qualifications to spew it, but reality and truth still exist and do not bend to the will of opinion or even mob or authority opinion.

We used to learn. We used to experiment. We used to look for evidence.

Journalism once held societies together by giving facts in a modest way. What is happening and why. That was the mandate, but fact-mining is expensive and time-consuming.

When opinion replaced facts, it did something very bad for journalism: it made it less important. Anyone can spew opinion, and if pundits and journalists can spew it, why not the average person?

People spew sophistry on Twitter all the time without looking up a single fact or verify it -- and then honestly expect total strangers to alter their thoughts and behaviours because a mob decides to abuse them in a public forum.

This is sanctioned insanity.

But it began when journalism started to take shortcuts. 

Had they stuck to the facts that not everyone could find, it would have had value. Opinion is filler and people prefer the stink of their own than of some uppity journalist's.

The Internet allowed for opinion-spewing. People can post anything without having to do any work. Opinion spewing began to lose its power; so now society has denigrated to rage puking with less potent results than before.

Facts brings the calm of reason. If we break down problems it workable smaller puzzles to solve, we can make progress that inspires us to continue.

Without facts, we become increasingly ignorant, but our problems become worse and don't just vanish.

The Internet is a big pit to fill, and you cannot possibly fill it with verified facts. It is too fragmented to do it.

But journalism stayed in the past and cannot do the job, either.

The problem is ideology is standing in the way as is arrogance from both sides of the contrived political divide.

It has become a Seinfeldian war about nothing.

But when it is a War About Nothing -- society has everything to lose when it has no information, but pretends it knows everything and makes snap judgements based on no facts and all opinion.

Journalism is no longer a thing, and it is irrational.

And the lies go unchallenged.

My book explains how it got to this point, and why.

And it is not a pretty picture at all...