Denver Post journalists run away to their own little shelter. Journalism is still dead.

Columbia Journalism Review try to put a sunny spin on an exodus of clueless scribes deluding themselves into believing they can turn their corpse around:

But there is some hope for readers who still want to see the work of these journalists in Colorado: Frank and Paul are headed to The Colorado Sun—a Civil-backed platform staffed entirely, so far, by 10 former Post employees, who will be ready to cover the midterm elections in November.

Hope? As in doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?

The current model of journalism is flawed and caused its own destruction, but this is typical journalistic narcissism: we are not responsible for our woes; it is someone else's fault. Ergo, if we strike it out on another platform, everything will change for the better.

What journalists in North America do not have the courage to grasp is simple: if their model of reporting news had any merit left, the kinds of owners they would attract would be different.

You have either asset-strippers who make money squeezing assets out of properties and selling them off...or propagandists who wish to pretend to inform people, but always through a partisan bent, Left or Right.

And if you do not change your ways, you do not progress.

So this move is meaningless to everyone else save those in the dead profession. 

Note they wish to "cover" elections, meaning this is a purely propagandistic motive.

Journalism has decided that it is going to be a social engineering profession where they tell people what to think and what to do. When you veer that way, you are a propagandist.

You use fear-mongering to rig mindsets, and right now, that is all you see right now. No facts. No logic. No respect for other people.

This venture will not do well, of course. The core is too corrupt. This is a post-last gasp from a group of people who honestly don't see that they already lost the war, and there isn o going back...