You Are But a Grain in the Universe: How Matriarch Storytelling understands the logic of the Infinite.

Bless the heads of those who think their bold Patriarchal decrees mean anything. They are but a grain in the universe, and then spend their lives trying to declare they are Alpha and Omega.

They are all about the Finite and the One, and it is quaint how they try to fool all of the people all of the time by being oh so serious about it.

The fact is that just because the truth has been yet undiscovered and reality unexplored, that does mean that all that is needed to be known is actually known.

Some people are good actors who use cruelty, an authoritative voice, and intimidation and shame to try to shut down discussion...

But that doesn't give them either a final say or the last word in the matter.

We talk about a beginning of time and an end of time -- ignoring all the moments before and after it.

We talk about a start and an end to a space, also ignoring the spaces before and after it.

We are finite grains in an Eternal and Infinite universe.

This scares the Patriarchal right out of its wits because it means power and control does not belong in one person's hands.

And so, the structure to hold everyone back and hope they do not see the Infinite.

But the Matriarchal does more than just see it: it feels, embraces it, loves it, guides it, and is guided by it.

At the core of Matriarchal is the Infinite and the Eternal. We do not have to be privy to all of it, but we can be in for the wild ride as we understand that just because we have not uncover all of the deepest truths of the universe, that doesn't mean they don't exist, or that no one else has stumbled upon them.

But we are game for the challenge as we explore without fear. We learn as we evolve, and the most thrilling part of it all, it is not static and we never need to be bored.

We open our hearts as we feel the grains of the universe become part of our hearts.

It is a very big Infinity to explore, after all.

There are different structures of stories that have yet to be unleashed.

There are new kinds of stories yet to be told, and new ways to tell them.

And even a single grain in the universe can have the honour of finding them just as the other grains can do the same.

It is not some sort of competition where there is only finite time and space to do it...