Jonathan Kay throws sophistry in my direction. Reality compels me not to care.

His Majesty took umbrage at my use of the word "man-aganda."


He Tweeted at me about it, too. 

However, I am at no one's beck and call. Mind you, I do know that the first and only Tweet I saw babbled some sophistry about the fact that there could be no mana-ganda with the article in question because the editor was a woman.

So what?

What does that prove? Nothing.

Women are not immune to bone-headedness or being biased.

Women are equal to men in all the good ways, and all of the bad ones because people are people.

A woman can help spew man-aganda, too.

Memo to Jonathan Kay: there is no estrogen-based force field that prevents it.

They do it all the time, especially if they get paid for it as an editor.

It is not as if people in that profession are actually trained to be self-aware, regardless of what they are reporting or where on the ideological spectrum they report it from.

Psychoanalysts go through the therapy themselves, for instance. No journalist ever has to write an expose on himself -- and that was its fatal mistake.

But Kay's response is just silly. After all, the press hates that Trump fellow, calling him a sexist...and who helped him get into power?

Kellyanne Conway, an avowed woman.

So I guess the press must now back off the whole Trump is sexist thing, right?

Oh, please.

This is the kind of slap fight fluff that reporters and other people with too much free time live for, but I don't go for it. That is Patriarchal nincompoopity.

And it is none of my business. I don't entertain sophistry and childishness on Twitter to impress those fake followers. 

I said what I said. I stand by what I said and I don't back down from it. I also don't care what you think about it. Deal with it.

And while we are on the subject of dealing with reality, here is one more that's more important than my slang: Journalism is dead.

Never mind a word I used. An entire profession collapsed. Just shut up, and deal with that.