What happened to dignity?

Do your work as if you had a thousand years to live, and as if you were to die tomorrow. 

                                                                                                    Mother Ann Lee of the Shakers.

I am a prim and proper punk.


Always have been. Always will be.

I have no trouble speaking out, no matter how eccentric I sound. Authority does not intimidate me, and neither do mobs.

I am perfectly fine being the only one in the entire universe who holds a certain belief. Do not think I am going to cry in my mineral water that one person or a group of people do not agree with me.

I am not going to have a slap fight over it, lose sleep over it, or justify or make apologies, either.

People looking for the support of other people obviously do not feel secure with their ideas.

I do not get dragged on people's rigged boards. Find yourself pawn to exploit because Alexandra Kitty is not a pawn.


There is a saying I like very much:

I do not have attend every fight I am invited to.

And I don't. It is the coward's way of trying to take away your dignity.

It is a very manipulative game that mimics war, and war is not about allowing a side you find inconvenient to have any dignity left. Argument is a magician's force: you believe that you must "defend" your point of view and "stand up" for yourself.

No, you don't. It is a way to constrict your actions and thoughts and strictly focus on the person provoking the fight. Debates do not make a point correct. Some people have more practice and support than others.

But your mental resources become drained, and you waste time fighting instead of creating, progressing, and the like.

People use all sorts of triggers to bait fight, especially if they are in the wrong. Who agrees with them is irrelevant. The manipulative insults are irrelevant.

What the person wants to make you believe that there is a pecking order, and that they are superior to you; hence, higher up than you lowly peasant.

My inbox is filled with people with no lives repeatedly trying to bait me. It is supposed to be a siege of sorts to make me feel insecure and unsure of myself, I suppose.

And they all read alike. They read the same, using the same feints, almost in the same order.

I have known other people who have experienced the same problem, and yet very upset, and try to get through to the person who is a life-sink.

Ignore it, and their influence vanishes.

Ta da!


We spend way too much time argument and trying to control thoughts of other people.

How many fights have resulted in impeding progress violating rights, hurting feelings, holding people back, destroying solid foundations, maligning good people, and generally distracting people with manipulation after manipulation, all in the name of Benjamin, usually.


Grab as much as you can, and don't let go.

Everyone becomes increasingly agitated and angry...

Then war breaks out, and people slaughter each other, destroying their foundations.

Which once upon a time, made journalists happy.

Because they got many stories out of covering war.

And right now, the Dead Profession is actually trying to instigate war.

But in order to do that, you have to trick people into getting themselves on a rigged board, and make them pay for the opportunity to do so.

The price?

Their dignity, of course.

Reporters would cover wars, oh so very seriously, and get awards and pats on the back for it.

People believe there is a prize that can be won by stepping foot on a rigged board.

I know there isn't.

It is the reason I do not get sucked into con games by stepping on it.


I take a look around from above and below, but I can see the games being played. It's not as if those games are not obvious if you keep your wits and dignity about you.


That is not to say you don't stand up for yourself, but it doesn't mean you have to get dragged on to a board where the rule is whoever comes up with the most popular insult is Divinely and Eternally Right.

There are many ways to prove your are right without ever opening your mouth and indulging people wearing monster faces who think their lines in the sand mean diddly and they will try to bully you and wear you down. 

You face those monsters.


And then you smile, and then walk away, though a "So what?" or "I don't care what you think" is fine, too.

If they try to chase you, you let them follow you while you are going out, living your life, go out find facts, conduct experiments, and when you are good and ready, you chase them back.

With facts.

With proof.

With evidence.

That is how you walk over their lines in the sand and erase them.

F.R.E.E.D. is the system to bypass those manipulative games of debate and arguing. There is nothing to argue. Opinion has no value. It is, at most, a theory. We look for facts and test them. That brings us the answers we need and want.

People try to appeal to authority or mob because they are too scared and lazy to dig. They try to trick you with sink or swim or a confirmation bias.

None of that actually matters. It is a life sink meant to keep you so busy and distracted, that you don't see that you are to be lured, groomed, and primed to willingly surrender your dignity and free will in order to be shamed into following someone else's decrees and status quo.

And none of that garbage actually matters. Not even a little.

What you need is facts.

What you need is results of experiments.

You have enough facts to see what direction or directions are available to you, and then you move on.

To keep out war games, you keep your dignity.

Politicians are always trying to take away our dignity with fear: they insist we need nannies and daddies to protect us from ourselves.

Corporations are also trying to take away our dignity by telling us how defective we are, and then having the nerve to seem as if they are pandering to our artificial desires.

Journalists are desperately trying to take away our dignity by telling us that we are just too stupid to think and find facts on our own and that we need them to think for us.

The time that we waste scaring each other silly.

When it is all completely unnecessary.


When we have knowledge and wisdom, we have power we can give to others without ever losing it ourselves.

When we have facts, we have strength to progress.

And we can do it with levity, silliosity, confidence, cheekiness.

But always with calm and dignity.

Because we need to find facts as if we will die tomorrow and live a thousand years.

And a thousand years is an awful long time to have to live without dignity.

So I may be a prim and proper punk, but even though I do not retreat, I do not go running on some predator's rigged board, either.

It is the reason I started F.R.E.E.D.: facts give us the power to live a meaningful life, and allows us to forge our own paths without need to justify or apologize for our own choices.

But to have a choice, you need to embrace your dignity, and not give it away because someone is trying to pull a scam by saying your have to give up your dignity to have a better life...