Petty Media Fights.

I love this silly and petty meltdown piece from Vox.

The little journalists run after two authorities at a press conference, a canned event. A CNN journalist tries to ask the US President a question, but the president calls CNN "fake news", decides to ignore the question and answers one from a Fox News reporter.

Cue in mass temper tantrum because the Fox News kid asked it and "did not stand up" for the CNN kid, with all sorts of reporters in shock and Morally Outraged because reporters are supposed to stand up for one another, and CNN had done it for Fox and blah blah blah.

Oh, shut up.

First of all, a press conference is the epitome of "Fake News." It is a canned event. Authority herds the little sheep into a room, reads from a prepared script, press gives free publicity, authority may allow questions to be asked before they are deflected or bridged, and then everyone in the room reports on the same canned event where they all get the same facts.

It's like getting food from the same tainted vat. That is not news, and that we still have reporters play the same game in 2018 is really vile.

Shame on you all for going to report at a press conference. That's what Authorities are doling out to the public.

So now that journalism is no longer a thing, the lot of you all stoop to having a slap fight amongst yourselves is just silly.

No wonder the president has no respect for journalism. No one with a working brain does.

Why are you there, anyway? What is the actual point?

To say you were in the same room as two world leaders? To spew some packaged babble to the little people and think you are actually doing something?

You're not doing anything but being children who are getting cranky to the point your parents can't take you to nice places without throwing a hissy fit in public...