In the US, it is #MeToo. In Canada, it's #NotMe!

Jeramy Dodds, one of those by-the-numbers bland white boy poets whose work falls short of the tepid accolades, if having fits over being #MeToo'ed, and is suing a lot of people over it.

You can read all about the gossip here, here, here, and here, complete with Dodds' various conspiracy-theorist laden vagueness, fragmented explanations that shows a profound lack of creativity explaining the mess, and a passage about sending a woman a taxidermy chicken:

[H]e mailed his ex-girlfriend “a taxidermy chicken, which I packed in a box and wrapped in used target silhouettes.” That is, he wrapped them in used papers from gun target practice. He says that it was inspired by their shared “macabre sense of humour about gun culture.”

While Dodds doesn’t name the woman, she is Robin Richardson, a poet and the editor of the Minola Review. Richardson confirmed to The Star that she got the chicken package but said “we never talked about gun culture. Not once that I can recall.”

She also says that “after I broke up with him, he continued to call, and email and pursue me to get back together with him. I was surprised and frightened when he sent the chicken with the bullet-riddled targets.”

Bland white boys of Canada, here is some advice: you mail any person for any reason an unsolicited dead chicken with bullet pierced target paper, you can be certain the person will become alarmed and think you are creepy and aggro.

I have known people who had dead animals left on their front doors, and the usual response is a trip down to the police station to report it. It speaks very poorly of a person to do such a thing -- which is not in dispute.

It will also not make you seem like someone who understands social conventions, impulse control, or how to behave in a mature, adult manner.

Not to mention that his rebuttal hinges on not knowing the symbolism of a dead animal and target practice sheets, meaning that despite being someone in employed in a communications industry where such symbolism is used, he is an adult incapable of communicating. So his skills as a writer are garbage -- or his claimed ignorance - or both.

Dodds is very fortunate he mailed such a disturbing object to this woman and not Alexandra Kitty, who would have taken said object and ensured he would have needed to have it surgically removed.

Dead chickens aside, it is interesting how different #MeToo in the US has been than in Canada. In the US, there have been men who have actually owned up to their transgressions, and in another time, a man could play conniving games of making the case that the woman was a confused/stupid/crazy/bitter/jealous/hysterical yarn-spinner who was distorting/exaggerating/misinterpreting completely innocent behaviour, but now, those explanations are sounding rather self-serving and implausible for a reason: because they are. You are an adult. She is an adult. Worse, you are an adult who is schooled in communications and employed in advanced communications posts, making your employers look as if they do not know who to hire the right people. You are dealing with several adults who have all drawn the same conclusion: that they do not feel comfortable and are appalled by what you have communicated to them.

An ex-girlfriend who works as a professional communicator did not like the threatening package sent to her. That is a serious obstacle to the Mr. Innocent Who Bad People Are Out To Get schtick.

When it becomes He Said, They Said, the margin of error becomes too slender to play those games.

At least in the US.

In Canada, the boys still keep playing it. Just deny everything, pull a Hillary Clinton that it is all a Vast Feminist-Wing Conspiracy, take out the halo mommy gave her special little boy, and sue.

Or, if you are smart enough to clue in that suing is not going to look good for your brand, just smile, deny it with a patronizing hint that the woman obviously got it wrong, but still bring out that tinfoil halo for effect.

Canada is still in denial that it can be flawed in some fundamental way, or have a destructive mindset. We have fallen behind because of it, and in the process, encourage bullies to think they can domineer their way out of a jam.

And often, it works in a place where every province is a state of denial...