The Liberation of F.R.E.E.D.

Life is an odd balance.

And if you follow someone else's script instead of honing your own instincts, you lose that balance.

Some people are always angry, while some people are always trying to paint trouble as an opportunity or a blessing.

But when you evaluate each situation with the lens of reality, you find that odd balance.


Sometimes, you have to stop being serious, and go out on a limb and be silly.


It is easy to be silly when everything is going your way, but try it when everything is working against you.

That's the magic trick.


To be the magician who pulls a rabbit out of your hat -- and you happen to be the rabbit.

F.R.E.E.D. is a method that focuses on several threads: on the reality (what journalists labelled "story"), the method of information-gathering, the product, the audience...but also on those information-gatherers as well.


Content providers have always been neglected -- and it is the reason you see two kinds emerge: the insecure egotists who are in it for attention, and the grifters who realize they can fly under the radar and pull all sorts of stunts because the owners have no interest or respect for people providing content and think they are too stupid to misuse that position to get some spoils through nefarious means.

F.R.E.E.D. is a loop of the sphere of reality coming together with the audience at a single point: the one providing the content.

Two worlds meet at a single point, which is a world of its own.


In a world of social media, we have countless people telling us their experiences, opinions, and how their lunch looked like: the extraordinary and the mundane get blurred in this chaos.

So we now have too much information out there, making it seem that everything has the same importance, and it becomes difficult to see the big picture.


We see extremes, but we don't see the centre of balance.


And when societies begin to pull too far in one direction (rich, poor; left, right), they can understand less about balance and are less fluent and less fluid. They forget and can no longer relate to the balance, and should there be factions where people begin to separate, there is no more solutions or creation, only destruction.

The worst thing is, people do not see why people exploded or nations imploded: they think the other side is the Bad Guy who caused it.

And they are half right...the problems is they are also equal Bad Guys.

F.R.E.E.D. was created as a response to how people think and how they can be swayed by propaganda with the first focus on training chroniclers to see their own failings and flaws, and faults first.


If you are perpetually offended by any real or perceived criticism, you do not make a very good chronicler of reality.

You are too biased and too far away from the centre as you build up fortresses and dismiss anyone who doesn't applaud you.

F.R.E.E.D. stands for many things, but it is the five dots it rises above: the sign of being imprisoned.

In this case, a flattened quincunx.

We break down the walls to free the truth hidden by lies.

Or freeing the rabbit forced into a hat.


In psychoanalysis, a therapist cannot treat patients unless they have gone through psychotherapy themselves.

You have to be able to read yourself before you can read the situation around you. As above, so below, so to speak.

In other words, left, right, up, down, are alike in structure, even if the content differs.

When you understand yourself, you become a Rosetta Stone of the world around you.


But it takes a certain understanding that the filters we have always taken for granted or limited, faulty, and untrained. We just take them for granted, and then get mad at other people never considering whether or not we just have people with different unrefined and unchallenged filters, leading us to different paths and outcomes, and that we have to ride on different wavelengths to get a feel for other people's perceptions of reality.


It is not about empathy: it is about Method Research.


How do you feel and think with someone else's filters? You are almost acting through another person's perceptions.

It is about being emotionally literate.


It is about liberating yourself and unleashing your essence to the world as you are.

Naked for the world to see and you are brave.

Not stupid, not gullible, not desperate, not judgemental, but brave.

And considerate of the environment around you.


Because you should leave your environment in a better condition than you found it while having respect for those who made it better than it was before you.

F.R.E.E.D. has pragmatic idealism at its core. 


That means content creators are respected, and they must also respect themselves and other around them: the people they are covering and the people who they relay the facts to -- and as they are the same people, F.R.E.E.D. shows us there are different kinds of respect.

And in order to understand freedom, we must learn by active observation and reflection.


But there is one more thing: the goal is to bring levity, not darkness and pain. It is not about dismissing pain or belittling it, but guiding from the path of toxicity and illness toward healing and health. What heals one person or group, may not work with another, but it is about preventing stagnation and static as well as passivity and resignation. It is not about moving goalposts or sunny-spinning rot: it is about finding what is being held back and guiding it toward liberation -- not by meddling, but not by merely throwing it out in the open where its inexperience becomes devoured by experienced predators.


Benevolent and informed levity with a purpose to liberate truth from lies so that we can progress to improve ourselves and our surroundings.

It is a tricky weave and balancing act, but one that can replace the old methods we call journalism to bring something better to our world to prevent problems from becoming tragedies...