Nothing is working for journalism. In an Age of Propaganda, it is the deceptive pawns that are in zugzwang.

In an Age of Propaganda, no one has to admit they are weak, wrong, evil, in trouble, or even flawed. You allow deception, you allow war.

And war destroys, not creates.

In an destructive environment, looting, stealing, begging, and conning are the ways of doing business, all while virtue-signalling and putting up facades of pseudo-morality. Debate and discussions are feared because to give an inch means you lose it all because the battleground is fragmented and an inch is all you can hold on to with your grubby fingers.

To win on battlegrounds requires either better lies, or mere truths.

When the combatants are passive and merely expect everyone to change their entire thinking, lives, actions, and beliefs to suit them, they seek the biggest weapons -- the biggest lies. Lie good enough and you think you win the battle.

For the lies to seem effective, the pawns must perpetually feign outrage. It is a siege of false emotions of anger to make it seem as if the rival side have no redeeming qualities. It is a intellectually-stunted gambit that can win you a battle or three in the short term.

But you never win the war.

Truths liberate everyone: but one can only do it if they are not petty, vindictive, controlling, greedy, or manipulative and are actually willing to share the spoils of a victory based in truth. If you hold not grudges and carry no vendettas, you can easily do it.

The problem is that you have two warring factions who are equally small and passive, and want to be "proven right" as if there were some grand divine prize that even atheists secretly hope they will win.

Get over it.

In the modern world, we are seeing players on a broken board of combat. A precious few actually realize the game is no longer Chess, but Go.

How did that board deform in the first place?

Because those who played chess kept using the Zugzwang strategy to smash and grab battle victories.

Forcing an opponent to make moves works wonders, as the person cannot plan a path to victory by reflection, but must be compelled to move by reaction -- motivated by the fear of losing. You become the rival's puppet in a real way as you are forced to deviate from your script.

Journalists -- when they had control of communications -- did it constantly, literally chasing and running after people they would ambush.

Regardless if the method actually yielded facts or just busy visuals.

Journalists were used to chasing, which is a predatory action. It is a form of combat.

But then the precious resources of communications was opened to the entire planet, and the game changed. There were too many players surrounding people and groups that chess was no longer feasible. It was too limited.

And so, the game of Go took over, and journalists became lost in all those piles of stones.

The Internet's power destroyed journalism, but then prevented journalism to thrive on its own media. Take something easy and safe -- such as the non-offensive soft news of entertainment.

The A.V. Club is such an easy property, giving its stuff away for free to the fannies -- and they were bought by the media titan Univision. It should work on some level.

Except it is now for sale.

And when a journalists gets arrested for purportedly making threats at the newspaper that wouldn't publish her story, it is hard to know what is more shocking: that she had over four decades of work in the industry and snapped...or as one article noted:

GateHouse Media owns the Walpole Times and a spokesperson said they immediately made sure everyone left the office after the threat. She said normally four employees work there.

Just four.

Journalism got surrounded by the same tactics it surrounded others in the past.

It no longer has any room to make a move. It has broken down, but still uses the same strategy -- but for a Zugzwang gambit to work, you need enough space for you to move while cornering your target with the illusion of having no space and very limited time.

With the Internet, that doesn't work anymore. They lost too many resources as everyone was given time and space to counter their influence.

It is a different board of combat and a different game, meaning different strategies and stratagems.

And when hard news journalists can gain no traction, neither can their soft news counterparts.

None of the strategies are working because the war is over, the game board removed, and then a new game is being played, and to thrive, you have to know what the game is before you can turn over its rules and bring an alternative to light...