Breaking the tropes and stereotypes that journalism. entrenched.

How many times does the press write a headline Grandmother mugged.

That's all she is to the press: someone's elderly nana.

She is a woman. It doesn't matter that she is a grandmother.

Grandmother skydiving is also a common soft news story as if there is something newsworthy about an older woman taking a physical risk.

If she were treated as a woman, would it even make news?

Of course not. The story implies everyone in that age cohort sits in a rocking chair and knits.

F.R.E.E.D. does not play into tropes and stereotypes. It reports facts. If a pattern emerges, it is something to note and cover, and if it is an outlier, that is also of importance.

But it does not make assumptions about people based on age, gender, race, and the usual offensive preset notions that have yet to be empirically proven...