Kintsugi, Persian Carpets, and the art of creating an alternative to journalism.

I am known mostly for my writing, but I am also an artist, and my main passion is Kintsugi.


I combine different broken elements and use alcohol ink and other metal objects I make as I am also a metalsmith.

Kintsugi means "fusing with gold" in Japanese, and it is an absolutely brilliant art form in that it is almost the only one with an actual philosophy attached to it.

The no mind philosophy that flaws are to be embraced, and the history and usefulness of an object is to be respected, or as one Kintsugi artist has said, broken is better than new.

I also am a fan of the other art form with an embedded philosophy, Persian carpet making, where the makers deliberately put in a flaw as so not to offend the Creator.

These two forms are essential for those who are innovators and visionaries because it teaches us that we do no ignore flaws and that we never fear to incorporate flaws in our work. You deal with the reality of the broken. You do it with humility. You have pieces you put together with a noble metal. You create art, but as the Art Nouveau artists reminded us -- you create something practical and useful with it all.

Bravery compels us to create knowing we will make mistakes -- but we still create something beautiful and complex. Pragmatism compels us to put something back together -- and make it better and more valuable than it was before.

Journalism never had art, let alone philosophy or even philosophical art. It was always cold and harsh.

And with an assumption that you had to be without flaw in order to expose other people's flaws, which is absurd. You express, even if your grammar is less than perfect. You ask questions even if you do not know the answers ahead of time.

Journalism still tries to pretend it is without flaw -- meaning it is not just offending the Creator -- but also competing with the Creator.

You cannot lord over a society that you live in. You are part of it, and you have your flaws -- but you still notice and address your own mistakes as you dig for facts.

Humility is essential as if the love for creating something new, or re-inventing something old. Both are to be cherished.

And both have wisdom and stories to tell.

An alternative to journalism is one that requires not just a scientific methodology, but also an artistic one. Trees are beautiful (the art), but clean our air and give us life (the science).

We always need reminders of that balance and not veer too far one way or another. We find common ground on two seemingly opposite elements, and from there, we weave a whole together to move forward as One and as the Infinite.

One as a Persian carpet. The Infinite as a Kintsugi plate. There needs to be a philosophy and then a psychology behind it.

Because art compels you to celebrate different media, colours, textures, styles, techniques, and expressions. You don't want just a white painting: you want more than one brush stroke or scenery.

Journalism didn't just push away the science, it belittled the art to its absolute devastation -- but we do not have to make the same mistake ever again -- because this world may have its flaws, but we can always get better because in the end, the world is beautiful, and it sings...