Journalism is dead, but that doesn't mean an alternative cannot be created to reflect a different world.

For all the talk about resistance and rebellion, it is truly remarkable how by-the-numbers people are. 

Let's take journalism, for example.

I worked as a journalist. I covered the business and ethics of journalism. I even wrote books about the problems plaguing journalism.

Books that sit in the libraries of Ivy League universities. Books cited in numerous other books and academic articles.

I have studied this profession for more than twenty years, and I have seen more than its decline.

I have witnessed its collapse.

Was the collapse necessary? Absolutely not. Was it preventable? Yes, completely.

What killed journalism. I outline it all in my book When Journalism Was a Thing.

I have had people read it and then get in some sort of bizarre denial mode: it can't be that bad, they say.

Except I use actual facts and plenty of them to back up my observations. Yes, it really is that bad, even if that is an inconvenient truth for you.

As for who killed journalism, the answer is simple: journalists. They were not vigilant. They were not innovative. They still think "Digital is the future."

No, digital is the present. It has been for the last twenty years. Some other medium is the future.

Why and how journalism destroyed itself can be gleaned from all three of my books: the first two read like a doctor giving a grim diagnosis to a patient who refuses to listen. The latest reads like a coroner handing in an autopsy report on the same patient who thought he was very healthy.

Journalism is no longer a thing. That industry was always sloppy, and its refusal to re-invent itself caused its collapse, but now there is an information void. We don't have an alternative. No one has bothered. Citizen journalism is the even sloppier and less disciplined version of journalism, and if the legacy press made fatal errors, the amateur version is making the same errors, only worse.

But we need that alternative, and it is something I discuss a lot here on my main website.

It is absolutely crucial for a younger generation to understand what they have been denied because the old model of journalism failed them.

And it is absolutely crucial for people like me to use my observations, expertise, and unique skill set to bring alternatives when I very well know how badly the old model failed us all...