Memo to Republicans: Tariffs didn't hurt US Newspapers. They were dead long before that.

Break out the violins, kvetching abounds with newspapers crying poverty and making up excuses why they suck during an economic boon.

Blaming Trump because apparently they are not capable of overcoming hurdles.

The GOP may be pleading their case, but their grasp of 2018 is tenuous at best, judging from the silly questions they asked Mark Zuckerberg earlier in the year.

By now, newspapers should have transferred all of their operations online. That they are still relying on newsprint is baffling. For all the pro-environmental babble spewed by the industry, they are still doing it the old school way that isn't all the good for that fragile damsel known as The Environment.

The truth is print is dead and the industry has been having a disastrous two decade run on the Internet. They shouldn't even be bothering with print because no one is buying it, meaning they are printing wasted newspapers every single day that no one is buying.

And if my personal experiences and observations are any indication, it is an open secret. I have seen traditional outlets that used to sell newspapers and magazines no longer have even a single print publication -- just lots of junk food and sugary drinks.

Even a month ago, I went to buy a magazine for someone else as a little pick me up at a grocery store. I went to the self-serve scanner, but the magazine wouldn't actually scan -- and it turned out the code wasn't even in their system, which meant that literally no one was buying the magazines there. Not one.

And yet we still have publishers printing newspapers and magazines they absolutely know won't sell -- and aren't ensuring the basics to ensure a sale here or there.

If this isn't a scam, it is as close to being one as you can get.

So the bellyaching about the price of newsprint is rich.

Newspapers are dead. Done.

And tariffs on newsprint can't kill something that died a long time ago...