Yes, journalism jobs are really that ridiculous...and yes, they are looking for suckers.

I love this job ad.

It is really worth reading. Journalists are losing their jobs in droves, but you do see job ads, in this case, asking for a "visual journalist."

The pay is a joke, but the overview reminds me of wealthy tyrants who hire a foreign maid and then expect the work of an entire staff from a single, poorly-paid employee:

Create visual content for and other digital platforms that engages audiences and supports the newsroom’s mission. This includes video, still photos, data visualizations and other infographics, maps, charts, tutorials, GIFs, etc. Create content built on reporting that can stand-alone or to augment the newsroom’s original news and feature reporting. Some visual journalists will have high expertise in a specific medium such as video, still photography or graphics, but all visual journalists must have a strong working knowledge and fluency in photography and videography, and be capable of producing and editing photos, videos, galleries, slideshows, etc.

That's not the job for one person, but Tronc wants a staff stuffed into one poorly-paid sucker.

It gets better:


  • Being fast, accurate and productive: Always striving to provide our audience with what we know, when we know it. Be transparent about sources of information.
  • Maximizing audience engagement with the site by creating compelling visual content and using various storytelling formats, including video, still photos and photo galleries, maps, timelines, multimedia, documents, graphics, photo galleries, gifs and social aggregations.
  • Employing creativity every day to conceive of content, get subjects to cooperate, secure data, corroborate facts and present information in the most relevant, interesting way.
  • Creating content that is strong on language, clarity and accuracy.
  • Taking the initiative to fact-check, run background checks and confirm information before publication
  • Delivering on time with minimal to moderate supervision, editing, and approaching work with a sense of urgency.
  • Proposing content ideas on newsworthy events and trends, including outside area of coverage.
  • Measuring performance of one’s own digital content through audience engagement metrics and working with audience team develop tactics and strategies to build audience.
  • Working with the newsroom to create videos and live streams featuring newsroom personnel, as appropriate.
  • Employing technical skills (such as with lighting, stylistic techniques) to produce best quality, compelling and engaging visual content.
  • Writing captions accurately and filling out other required fields accurately.
  • Accepting and acting upon feedback and criticism in a professional manner.
  • Striving to meet specific individual goals to be assigned on a regular basis by supervisor.

Essentially, they one person to run an entire newsroom, and they mention nothing about salary, meaning there is a reason for it.

So what kind of pigeon are they looking for in robo-drone?


  • A minimum of one year of photo, video, graphics or DataViz work at a news publication or website
    • Technical skills, particularly with photo/video/graphic equipment and software, such as Adobe Production Suite, Final Cut Pro, InDesign, etc.
    • Professional-level command of verbal and written English.
    • Must be able and willing to work weekends, irregular hours and holidays as necessary.
  • Maintaining up-to-date skills on various digital platforms and photographic/video equipment, including software and computer programs, as appropriate.
  • Keeping abreast of current events and newsmakers in news, sports and pop culture.
  • Adherence to the tronc and editorial codes of ethics, including standards of news photography and other content creation, such as rules on digital manipulation and other unacceptable practices.
  • Strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Competitive instincts.
  • Ability to multitask and perform in a fast-paced deadline driven environment.
  • Ability to execute visual storytelling across multiple topics, including news, sports, and entertainment.
  • Ability to work independently when required while at the same time operate efficiently in a team dynamic.
  • Quick-turnaround skills.
  • Basic familiarity with analytics and ability to translate data into tactics and strategies, including ability to use metrics from Chartbeat, Adobe Analytics, social and other tools.
  • Professional-level grasp of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation.
  • Willingness to work evenings/weekends and irregular hours.
  • Personal or professional experience using web-based social networks is preferred, or must become adept at using them.

Work fast, know soon-to-be obsolete software with the onus on the employee to keep up with training (o their own dime, of course), having to know Chartbeat so they can panic that no one is actually looking at the garbage they have to throw like a lunatic on their website.

And you have no stable hours because they want you to give up your weekends, evenings -- and hell, have irregular hours.

Want to guess how many days before the pigeon burns out?

And they want a competitive person and multi-task.

In other words, they want a willing slave and moron to do all of their work for a pittance.

Owners have no respect for their audiences, who wised up and abandoned them in droves.

And they have no respect for journalists -- and if you are gullible enough to agree to the list of slavish chores, you don't deserve any respect -- get a blog and if you are going to do all of that work, at least be the one who reaps all the benefits...