Lefties in Toronto having a meltdown; Hamilton left without representation as Steel under threat.

Doug Ford gets his majority. Considering the disarray the Tories were in at the beginning, this is a feat.

Ford was shrewd: he was vague, repetitive, heavy on strategic catchphrases, didn't encourage candidates to debate, but knew which ridings to strike. It is often nearly impossible to win an election on suburbs and rural areas alone, but he pulled it off. Ford Nation has moved up a significant notch.

Those ridings who voted Blue are going to have their fortunes rise as they will have cabinet ministers ensuring their resources go to their turfs, and considering these ridings tend to be the province Haves, this can shore up the province's fortunes.

But not for everyone.

Toronto is going to be in trouble. The spoiled ridings that veered to NDP from Liberal are not going to have the same old protection having cabinet ministers who will lavish goodies to them and fight their battles. It will be a serious tactical error, but it could have been worse.

Hamilton, as usual, voted NDP instead of the party that had a real chance of forming a government. Steel City used to be robust when they voted Liberal when the Grits were in power. Dundas, usually a politically cagier area, hedged their bets on Orange, and will now not have a presence in the government. Donna Skelly is the lone PC MPP in the region, and it should get her a cabinet position for that reason. Persistence paid for her.

Now that Hamilton can be counted on always voting for the losing party, and with the trade wars with the US, this is not good for the rusted small town with a big city population. They will have no bloc in the cabinet to lobby for their interests.

Hamilton isn't the only demographic who has poor grasp of strategic voting. St. Catharines and Windsor also went Orange -- both economically-strapped regions with serious poverty and crime problems. They won't be digging out any time soon now, and most likely fall deeper into an abyss. The local television station is trying to spin it because the NDP is now official opposition, but elections are all or none -- no one cares about the silver medal when all the bounty is strictly given to the ones who got gold.

The Liberals walked a tightrope, but the divide between rich and poor and grew too far apart for them to get another term. 

The Green Party has one seat in Guelph, which is a very interesting turn to say the least.

Unions are also in trouble twice over. They betrayed their champion Wynne, making the next Liberal leader warier of indulging unreasonable requests from that now unreliable bloc, while Ford, will now be indulging the private sector.

The election proves that the idea of the Left-of-Centre voter being in the majority is an actual myth. They may loudly babble on Twitter and Facebook, but when it comes to actually voting -- the only action that counts -- they stay away from the voting booths in droves...

But that being said, Wynne won her seat and the Grits are but did not retain their party status. This is the Government Party, after all, and they are teachable and have no trouble reinventing themselves. Wynne's gambit didn't work (though it seemed like it would at one point when the Grits were leading in 9 ridings, but fell to the PCs). Even in defeat, she tried to pull a rabbit out of her hat...