BuzzFeed's woes worsen.

BuzzFeed France is saying adieu.

This scuttling is no surprise as it wasn't doing anything different than the traditional outlets, save having narcissistic life-sink quizzes to distract readers from their on-the-job duties or having to figure out why someone in their household is seriously depressed.

The theory is BuzzFeed is for those not-as-fresh-and-white-hot Millennials who are getting a little long in the tooth for advertisers who realize that generation is poorer than what what they were hoping for.

We now have multiple generations who were not raised with the news, and we have a very archaic media who still think the future is digital and pandering to that demographic. A day late and a dollar short -- and the model to pander to the fresh meat is proving to be just as inert and disastrous as legacy's media's strategies.

It is not a good thing, but then again, neither is BuzzFeed...