Facebook ditches Trending News because people didn't care. Journalism is still dead.

Facebook is ditching the anemic Trending News feature, and I am not surprised. If Big Tech cannot make news interesting, they can keep trying, but it is not going to happen. Apple is musing about it, but if they haven't done until now, it is safe to say it isn't possible.

So why the Toronto Star is celebrating another sign of their profession's irrelevance is mystifying. But that is the way of the Canadian paradigm of journalism: always spin things positively.

There has never been media literacy, and Facebook yanking an unpopular and unprofitable feature won't suddenly change anything. We don't teach media literacy in schools to news consumers, and we don't teach information verification to journalists. Besides, even though consumption of news has plummeted over the years, even still, people are whining about feeling fatigued.

And we wonder why journalism is no longer a thing...