Seeing the world as a laboratory: Finding the purpose of F.R.E.E.D.

Journalists relay information that is heavily processed without much thought. They report on press releases as if they were the unvarnished truth. They ask leading and loaded questions.

That used to work because there was very little people could do to counter what was presented.

Then the Internet blew the racket to bits, and people could counter those press releases, and yet journalism never upped their game.

F.R.E.E.D. starts with a clean slate. It goes in with in with the knowledge that information isn't preprocessed. It is raw. unrefined, and can lead in multiple directions.

Because it isn't confined by journalism's antiquated model, it can push beyond the static ways.

And see the world as a laboratory.

It isn't about manipulating people are creating experiments on people against their will and knowledge, however.

It is about experimenting with the veracity of facts in a natural setting.

It does not rig outcomes. It isn't about being a mad scientist or prankster. 

It is about seeing reality in context...