Memo to the National Post: Stop being petty because you don't have the CBC's sugar-daddy. Your demise is your own doing.

Oh, boo hoo.

The National Post is behaving like the petty and jealous obnoxious sibling these days, with their columnist Christie Blatchford playing the role of whiny tattle tale.

The column hits a new low and is absolutely devoid of any actual newsworthiness, just kvetching.

The headline lets readers know all about how unfair life is:

Mainstream media is starving — but certainly not the CBC

Mainstream media is not homeless or in some detention centre, you insufferable brats.

Your own willful arrogance, rigidity, and ignorance brought you to this point. Do not blame the government for being incapable of keeping up with a changing landscape and not enabling your delusions.

The worse of this sophistry selfish tirade comes right here:

But on top of all that, Canadian newspapers directly compete against the CBC website, which is of course richly subsidized by the taxpayers.

God forbid Ottawa should start to subsidize newspapers too. As a journalist, the thought gives me the shudders.

But the government might stop subsidizing CBC online; it might tell the CBC to get out of digital advertising, though of course there’s no guarantee any of those dollars would flow to newspapers.

Both Postmedia and the Star this week announced yet more voluntary buyouts and/or layoffs and, for Postmedia, more shuttering of small-town and community papers. The situation is frankly desperate.

So what? Hundreds of businesses in Canada tank with no government help.

We have First Nations communities with no electricity or running water, too.

If you cannot keep up, you have no business being in business. The end.

People have alternative outlets. If isolated communities are not reading your drivel, that says something about how rotten your product happens to be.

Journalism never had the discipline, and shame on them for not being a more responsible industry.

As for the CBC, it is bad enough taxpayers are forced to be their sugar-daddies and mommies,; they do not need to be saddled up with more sugar-babies, and that is precisely what your column is advocating. Perhaps the lot of Postmedia can put on spangled bikinis and shake your collective booties in your cameras the way all those throwaway teens do to survive.

CBC has been shilling bad acting and propaganda for years: if you people were not sleepwalking, you could have exposed their horrendous and pathetic reportage. My favourite is Margaret Evans' dispatches from Syria, where she is telling her little crew to keep quiet in a so-called war zone in Syria all while their big huge shiny lights are beaming in the darkness.

Yeah, the snipers are blind, but have super-hearing. Nice try, you goobers.

The CBC has no business being freeloaders on taxpayers's backs. It is not as if they are doing anything remotely journalistic. It's a sham.

But neither is Postmedia.

If Postmedia wants money, they can learn to earn it, just like everyone else.

You cannot do the same thing and expect a different outcome.

If you are not willing to change and admit all the things you have done wrong, don't expect taxpayers to enable you.

No one feels sorry for you, nor should they.

Sooner or later, there is a piper to be paid, and now journalists have to cough it up.

Stop trying to incite civil wars in peaceful countries, and expect to have a tax base to bail you out.

Give it up.

And move on.