Educating with F.R.E.E.D.

Journalism education is not actual useful education.


We have graduates who not only cannot find jobs in the field, but have done zero to turn the fortunes of the profession around.

If j-school was functional, that wouldn't be happening; so it is entirely safe and sane to say that funding j-schools is ridiculous and a waste of money. If academia and the profession couldn't fix their mess, then they are incapable of doing it.


You let it go this long without admitting flaw and making fundamental changes -- and you claim your mandate is covering reality, you are either deluded or a grifter who wants the perks of a paper crown and a pay check without doing actual work.

And that is inexcusable. 

F.R.E.E.D.'s root are in education and meshing it with the practical by challenging beliefs, opinions, and perceptions as well as interpretations. Students must immerse themselves in reality, and that means understanding their own limitations of their perceptions.

It is about being in the field of reality to experience it. There is no ideology to cling on to and hide behind. Students are introduced to all forms of reality and are taught how to perceive it in order to glean truths and find how to test their own perceptions of reality.

Then the next phase is to understand the scientific method and the laboratory.

F.R.E.E.D. is about seeing what we take for granted in a new way. it is about practical psychology. it is about understanding the outside world as well as the human psyche to see how they interact and feed off each other.

it is not about scripts and rote learning of scripts. There is no hacks or cheats.

It is about walking calmly into the eye of the storm. There is no avoidance of triggers or inconvenient truths and realities. It is not about hiding behind false morals or chest-thumping to keep the monsters at bay, but by facing monsters.

And looking at their faces.

There is no avoiding the ugliest of realities. It is about understanding them without justifying or excusing them.

It is about reflecting the landscapes and battlefields.

It is about empathy and riding the wavelengths of individuals and collectives.

J-school does none of these things, and they became too numb to the shifting landscape, and it proved to be the profession's undoing.

F.R.E.E.D. doesn't play those grandiose games. It is about turning a world into a makeshift laboratory to unearth those slumbering truths to awaken perceptions to reflect reality...