Memo to Michael Moore: Spoiled and sheltered Establishment personalities should not be asking poor people to risk their lives to make your career. Shame on you.

I do not believe in war. My grandmother lost her entire family in Ustashe concentration camps in the Second World War and when the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia broke out, I it destroyed people who had no business killing each other because they watched American shows like Dynasty and that's not what they were getting at home. My family would sent food and clothes over there, and it wouldn't be as appreciated as the Revlon lipstick packed in as an extra.

That tells you everything you need to know.

Now that the Establishment Left did not get their own way in November 2016, they are willing to sacrifice the lives of no name American citizens, having their assistants rant in their name on Twitter about a "Resistance", which is absolutely rich. 

You have people driving in limos, demanding free designer swag at award parties want to spark a civil war. It is as psychopath and evil as you can possibly get.

And here is has-been Michael Moore pretty much trying to get a kernel more publicity calling for people to "put out their bodies" to resist Trump.

Shame on you, Mr. Moore.

Shame on you for being vile.

You have become an out-and-out war propagandist.

But the fun does not end there. The Left are trying to squeeze in as many illegal migrants into their own country all while fanning the flames of war, which draws a single conclusion: you do not want to fight a war, or expose your children to having to fight a war: so drag in as many desperate and gullible poor foreigners here to slave as your expendable soldiers.

Because that's the scheme.

Because if it wasn't your intent, then you would either keep the peace as you welcomed people in -- or you would talk about war and keep those already dispossessed people out. You cannot have it both ways. The Alt Right think they are being clever thinking migrants are being rounded up for votes, but there is something more troubling going on.

What is going on by the Establishment Left is inexcusable. 

You lost an election because you are not as cool, competent, cunning, or popular as you hype yourselves up to be. You cannot know poverty if you are bragging on Jimmy Fallon about traveling the world meeting world leaders in designer clothes.

You are not kings or queens. You are grifters who have a good racket, and it hinges on a peaceful country where the poor do not realize who they are actually supporting.

Do not dig graves for other people because the people who fall in first are the ones who dug them.

If we had a functional journalism, these war mongers would be exposed as sensibility took over.

The Establishment Left are still obscenely rich, spoiled, and pampered. They should be grateful that their incompetence has been wildly rewarded in their country -- but if civil war should break out, all of those fun and games get thrown out the window...