F.R.E.E.D. treats audiences as adults. Journalism never got the hang of that one.

The National Post is treating Canadians as weak and sheltered children, having to hold their hand and tell them why the coach was a mean old man for not allowing them to play on the football team.

The Trudeau regime got in over their heads going arrogantly into trades where they were completely unprepared. The end. Freeland's tough talk is pathetic on numerous levels because she was strutting in front of the cameras during the talks, and you knew her voguing was going to come at a cost. Trudeau was in the same boat, and no one had to tell me how this fiasco was going to play out. You didn't have to be an expert to know two airheads going up against a cunning go master where going to get their backsides whumped.

And that is the situation right now. Should Canadians be worried? Yes, very much so.

Should they change their thinking patterns?

It is about time that they did.

Stop looking to They to shelter you from reality. 

Had the Trudeau regime had a clue, we would not be in this position. Trudeau's first bad move was having his slobbering bromance with Barak Obama when the former president was a lame duck. That was a vain photo op that had a steep price tag. You keep neutral before an election because politics is not an easy roulette wheel to read.

Poker face is a very good face to master in that game. All signs pointed to a Trump victory but the Establishment Left is used to barking orders to their undocumented nannies and thought they could do the same with an entire electorate.

Then when Trump won, Trudeau thought he was cunning enough to mug for the camera and charm a man who broke through New York City real estate and ran casinos.

You have to be kidding me.

When you have people with university degrees cleaning up all of your messes, you may think you are special and brilliant, but handlers are there because that's the job they could get.

Once upon a time, journalism was happily point this out to those pampered snowflakes out in public in the front pages.

For a reason.

You had to smack around those egos until they came back down to earth deflated. You gave them a very ugly and realistic reminder what was at stake if they thought they were great pretenders who could fool the world.

But Canadian journalists drooled over Trudeau to the country's detriment, building him up so his perception of reality was completely misaligned, and he would end up thinking he could handle anything because the press would always spin things and fluff it up to his favour.

And then Trump stomped all over Canada with ease.

But the National Post is now enabling him with a pair of articles trying to lull and reassure Canadians that they are going to win and are better than their neighbours.

Grow up, children.

Stop avoiding reality.

You do not need to spark panic.

But you should stop pretending It Will All Work Out In The End.

Has the Post's fortunes gotten any better with that delusional mindset?


So why should the rest of the country's?

Stop propping up poor performers. Stop pretending the Trade Fairy is going to swoop in and use her magic wand to make the mess go away.

Canada has made numerous blunders of over-relying on an easy single source for trade, and then assuming that source would never get peeved at us. 

That roulette wheel spins, and it can land on any space.

And we have to take every space into account, but we always ignore the bad ones, even if there are more of those than the good ones.

That tunnel vision killed journalism, and if we are not careful, that tainted thinking can take down a viable country, too...