Champagne Socialist Devolution!: Journalism was always bad science. One does not make a revolution, children.

Journalism actually has no grasp of reality. They cannot do math. They cannot do science.

They also do not know politics, sociology, psychology, social science -- or anything else.

They speak with no context or perspective, and in an Age of Propaganda, facts are willfully ignored with people who have no clue or expertise babbling how their fantasy means something.

The US has no clue what this whole "socialism" thing actually is -- especially those who slap that label on their empty heads.

Socialism is a parasitic system of trying to bleed the rich by taking their assets. It works for about five seconds before the money runs out. Then you have to depend on bigger countries as you have people with no sense of industry running state-run things with employees who think the fun will never end because They will look after them.

When that doesn't work, you have borrow heavily, and then the country falls apart.

Ask anyone from a socialist country -- people are too crooked for socialism to work. It is a pyramid scheme with a moral patina, and a rotten greed core.

In the US right now, you are hearing about not actual "socialism", but Champagne Socialism.

Bernie Sanders is a classic Champagne Socialist, pulling in a seven figure salary as he depends on government money to fund him. Nice racket if you can get it, but as soon as you have too many people trying to get it, the system collapses.

You have one Champagne Socialist win something, and suddenly, the intellectually-limited press thinks there is a "revolution."

Nice try. You have a commercialized version of it: rich mommy and daddy funding your delusions and giving you stuff without you having to work or think is not socialism.

It is a big nothing. You have one. Not a trend.

You have middling former New York Times editors slamming the current regime for not getting excited over a Champagne Socialist.

Nah, you're all alike.

Journalism is so desperate to get back at Trump, they are not only willing to throw half their citizens under a bus, but they are willing to back any destructive and already proven to be toxic ideology.

We already know socialism doesn't work. Ask people in the former Yugoslavia, but we have many other countries that exploded. It appeals to people who like someone to guarantee everything as they put absolutely no risk, investment, or work into it. It goes against human nature, and at its core, is the equivalent of a political scam and Ponzi scheme.

It would have been infinitely simpler for journalism to look inward, admit openly to their own flaws with humility and have a genuine willingness to change, and then try again.

Instead, they are having a real and collective mental breakdown and are grasping at dead straws.

You have trash propaganda such as the Nation babble without a coherent argument or a modicum of common sense.

You want a better way. Work. Earn. Fight. Modify. Change. Grow.

Independently, as in, not expecting Mommy Government to bail you out because not everyone can be a rock star.

Rock stars can't be rock stars, either.

It is a devolution of a pathetic sort. People want change? No, they want guarantees. They want sure things. They do not want different. They want someone to do all the dirty work so they can go bragging to their siblings how much better they are doing and how Divinely and Eternally Right they were on top of a delusional and non-existent pecking order.

The seeds of this began when journalism decided covering deceptive starlets and con men grifters was easier than actual real and hard digging.

It has gone down hill from there.

Imagine a new generation that actually has contributed a sum total of zero new political theories, ideas, or anything -- they are literally contributing to the stale and static climate by rehashing old lemon politics that messed up the lives of millions of people before them.

How did this happen?

Because Millennials are neglected and feral, yet sheltered -- they were starved for facts because the journalism during their critical years ignored them, giving no facts or context, just showing them some fake celebrity bosom and bubble gum celebrity gossip, and then those expendable celebrities babbled about politics they knew nothing about, and then that's what passed for information.

And you cannot expect evolution of thought when you retreat. That's Western journalism's legacy. Narrative, propaganda, lies, and fantasy.

F.R.E.E.D. is needed to counter those fillers. We need a rational voice to tell us that you do need boundaries, reasoning, facts, and an understanding of reality -- countering the greedy notion that you can have everything, but contribute nothing in the bargain.

We are seeing a dead profession grasp at straws. If there were to be a Civil War in the US tomorrow, the Left would lose. As in, get wiped out in a matter of a couple of months. You have soft and sheltered people who think they are part of a nonexistent "resistance" who have no clue about strategy or fighting -- or even recognizing defeat from victory going against veteran realists who are cunning and control more power than they ever let on, let alone being the side who thinks they are entitled to get things without knowing how to earn them in earnest. Words are empty, and in an Internet Era, cheap.

It would be different if you had starving people who had to claw to survive and were tired of oppression. This is a generation who had helicopter parents hassle teachers to inflate marks, pulled strings for their kids to get jobs, paid for mortgages, bills, and other trinkets, and paid lavishly for music and art lessons as they drove them around and gave in to tantrums. It is a completely different mindset with too many buffers blinding a generation to the real dangers that exist. It happened in the former Yugoslavia and the results were disastrous.

But the signs of sheltering are everywhere because there has been no genuine breakthroughs where there should have been. There should have been new political schools come out by now. We should have had alternatives to journalism, too. The Left dragged their feet, staying in a narrative holding pattern, and honestly thought they could shame, bully, and intimidate everyone to walk lockstep with their decrees. You cannot be a dictator if you have no power or control.

In an Age of Propaganda, there is no perspective. There is cheering when there is defeat, and illusions of change because a Champagne Socialist won in a game of chance.

We have no journalism.

That is reality number one.

And when you realize that is the first reality, everything you think you know begins to reveal themselves to be lies as they all laugh in your face...