Not getting the whole pariah thing: You don't want to be cast as a Bad Guy by any White House.

I was watching a wonderful little Slovenian film that came out in 2016, but I hadn't had a chance to see it until the other night on Netflix.

Houston, We Have a Problem!


It is a mockumentary that deftly tells the Truth without actually presenting the truth.

The former Yugoslavia managed to play the US against the USSR for decades with Tito managing to finagle billions from both over the years. It was the Cold War, after all, and the two superpowers were vying for nations to pick sides. Tito figured out that playing coy reaped big dividends, and he milked it for all it was worth.

The trouble was that those who called themselves Yugoslavs at the time got soft, cocky, and weren't entirely aware of the game; so they thought they were doing something great, and it would go on forever.

Tito died, and he had no heir apparent. The Cold War ended. The country borrowed heavily from the IMF.

And that persistent piper came knocking, wanting what was due.

The country split up, with the various factions thinking if they made nice with the US, they would get scads of free money.

It didn't work that way.

It became a bloody and needless civil war, but the Serbs, who were unprepared and in denial, got labelled The Bad Guy by the US, who had scores to settle, and Serbs thought that just because they were allies with the US in the Second World War, that somehow that would count for something.

It counted for nothing. Serbs are still being abused out in the open, even during the World Cup, and the world shrugs it off. If Serbs did that, there would be global outrage.

But that's what happens when the US decrees that you are a Bad Guy.

You would think Canada would take notice that being an ally with the US is no guarantee of always being seen as one.

They think they are above and better than everyone else; so when Trump suddenly is surrounding Canada by removing liberties, you see a nation in denial.

The US doesn't exactly pay attention to Canada. We flew under the radar for decades.

Now, there is attention on us, and it is not the positive kind of press.

Canadian journalists do not get it. The Toronto Star are spinning the fact that law-breaking gangs can easily afford extra tariffs on their rides is a point in Canada's favour. The little girls they are forcing into prostitution pays big.

Former Prime Ministers get it, however, even if there are those in no position to know a thing about it throwing temper tantrums over a hard truth. The first impression is the one that sticks, and to millions of Americans, they have been told by their own leader that their Northern neighbours are not to be trusted.

That they are the Bad Guys.

And once that label sticks, you are saddled with it for decades. Just as Serbs thought they had some goodwill in the bank, Canadians also do not realize when a nation has a Hero Narrative inspiring them, they do not see allies as such: the US does what it sees as naturally right and divinely good; ergo, it is just common sense to agree with them. It is akin to expecting praise for not breaking the law. Countries are noticed only when they oppose that decreed naturally right and divinely good.

You can play a good game for decades, and Canada has had a slew of prime ministers who were extremely deft at those games in their own ways, from Pierre Trudeau to Jean Chretien to even Stephen Harper. They got it. They understood there was a certain dexterity needed to keep from angering that force. This isn't David and Goliath. This is Bambi and Godzilla.

The current one in charge has no  clue about those things, and neither does his second banana. They were given a mandate by a trusting and sheltered Middle Class who think everything will always blow over, and the mean old man will be put in his place and everything will be the same as before.

History has shown it never is. All it takes is one shift in the winds, and the house of cards come tumbling down. A weak Canadian dollar, high federal, provincial, municipal, and personal debts, and everything comes crashing down. Many are banking on legal pot to bring money in, but that's what the thinking was when casinos were allowed to operate: the promised big bucks never sustained itself, especially once the US put up superior casinos right across on their side, and the drain began. If there is money to be had, the market will be flooded by other nations who are bigger and stronger.

And the illegal market will undercut the legal prices. It will be a mess and not the easy tax grab the Trudeau regime is banking on to pay the country's countless debts.

There are no easy answers. Once upon a time, citizens could have discussions, and they would be given facts. From there, we could hammer out a workable solution without people howling and screaming like spoiled children in soiled underpants.

But those days are gone because journalism failed its citizens. We have propaganda-laced temper tantrums with people throwing their family under a bus for not applauding their every thought. We have lies because dealing with truth is becoming increasingly taxing since we hear truth less and less.

And without information, no good decision can ever be made -- but the demonization can go unchallenged because everyone these days is looking for anything but dicussion and facts -- just narrative that props up a fantasy...