People with no experience in information verification want to advise what is "Fake News."

Another case of brazen meta-propaganda coming from the fantasy-manufacturing state of California.

People who have no clue about truth making decrees. It reminds me of those lurid puritanical tyrants who used to demand to censor and rate both movies, music, games, and comic books.


Hysteria is a sign of a collective meltdown.


But this is the first time it is being done for a dead profession. People who do not see the collapse of a profession barging in to make nonsensical and non-empirical decrees.

Meaning those who want to create ratings are just as oblivious to reality as the zombies they want to micromanage.

Too little, too late.

F.R.E.E.D. breaks away from those games and gambits, and exposes those who think they can manipulate their way and pretend they have the credentials to watch the watchmen...