If you thought it was just journalism that was dysfunctional...

Metafilter has very eye-opening link about the meltdown of HAU.

The links to read are here, here, and here, with this shocking mea culpa:

Six years ago I helped initiate the HAU project. At the time I believed it to be a brilliant concept: an open-access journal, based on a radicalization of the grand tradition of ethnographically grounded anthropological theory. I still believe that. The problem was in its realization. From early on there were signs that something was amiss, that I realize now I should have noticed; these signs became more salient over time. After one incident of alleged physical violence at the end of 2016, some of HAU's patrons did try to intervene, to stop power from being concentrated and abused; but we did not act firmly or consistently enough – and the end result was that workers and contributors appear to have been treated in shocking ways, the administration appears to have been grossly mishandled, due process undermined, potential supporters alienated, and the project of HAU as an open-access journal was not successful as a result.

Yes, physical violence.

There were other serious allegations as well.

The "quick fix" model of publications are not working. Too many egos and too little regard to the realities of human behaviour is not helping. The model isn't aligned with reality -- and while it is all well and good to have a lax model that assumes people will play fair, the egalitarian ideals have no place in the the mechanics of creating a business structure. If you want equality and progress, you have to make the worst assumptions of human behaviour, and then create the system that cuts off hoarders, grifters, leeches, bullies, cheaters, liars, thieves and the greedy off at the pass from step one.

Otherwise, you end up with HAU's mess.

So communications is still grappling and more concerning, losing with no institiution being able to find workable solutions to their woes...