Why did local news die? Bad stenography newscasts.

CHCH was never a good station, but it is a perfect example of why local journalism died.

It is pure stenography. It often airs PR advertising whole, mislabelling it as "news."

But it uses as other no-brainer stunts: happy, happy propaganda, appealing to authorities, and then there is always the confirmation bias blinders to go along with their nationalism.

One silly propaganda piece was how Canadians were "fighting back with their wallets" against the Americans for putting tariffs on them.

Are you serious?

#BuyCanadian when the Canadian dollar is this low against the strong US dollar? Are you serious? Canadians cannot afford to travel or buy American with a low dollar.

Who are you trying to kid?

When I wrote for US publications, I would be paid in US dollars, and the Canadian dollar was low back then, too. I used to joke it was a great way to get a raise without having to ask for one, but it was not as low as it is now. Add this to the high price of gas, utilities, housing, and that Canada has always paid significantly more for basic staples than in the US, people are just broke, but keeping quiet because they are instructed to smile through it all.

And "striking back" by buying coffee from the Second Cup versus Starbucks who actually hires more Canadians than Second Cup? How very petty and small-minded. So wonder Trump has targeted this country -- it is country that runs head first in every obvious trap on cue.

There are real and serious problems going on in Hamilton as we speak with Hamilton Police wanting a hundred grand to buy C8 rifles without explanation -- but CHCH covers not a single one. Unless the police shove a press release under their noses, it does not exist.

With journalists wallowing and whining that there is a "news poverty", they are willfully ignoring the fact is that this is a country that was always news poor: the only difference is that we had make believe outlets cribbing from press releases, and now there is none of the pretence...but considering how obsessed the station is over the legalization of the nerdcore drug of weed, there may be a good reason why that station lives in a perpetual haze...