The View From a Sparrow's Nest, Part One.

I was twenty years old when I decided that I didn't have to follow someone else's script. Invention and creation are two concepts that are based on the idea of Fiat Lux: you create something that was never made before. In Western society, both those concepts are seen as some sort enemy to avoid.

I saw it, and I chronicled that fear of the unknown in a society that followed rules religiously.


Try to start something new: oh, the number of committees and other make work programs that are allowed to exist in order to stymie something that has never been done before. Everyone wants to passively sit and come up with excuses why something new should never see the light of day without any expertise in doing anything new or has no evidence or knowledge in the realm of Creating, Inventing, or Innovating.

But I never let anyone stop me from moving forward in spite of the collective fear.


Because the old ways are such a snore that lulls everyone into complacency. People steal the anonymous scripts assumed to be written by They to guide them.

How very uninspiring and unoriginal.


Magic happens when you break away from the Committees that created the Tower of Babel. They are always babbling nonsense, trying to stop something better from arriving and delivering.


Not me, though. I have walked through that Tower of Babel and have mused from it.


But I left that burning tower as I look for a better way...