Doug Ford stops "environmental" welfare for the wealthy; limousine liberals have predictable tantrum meltdown.

"Green" is nice, of course -- if you have another kind of green to afford it.

It is one of those concepts that limousine liberals love to talk about, but they see it through their designer rose-coloured glasses.

Because if they had a clue how this whole reality-thing works, they wouldn't be having the kinds of programs and set ups they do.

Rigged to favour the rich.

Not the poor.

They roped in the Middle Class by having them perform life sink activities such as separating their garbage into little blue plastic recycling boxes.

But when you go to a city's commercial dump, all the garbage goes into one huge pile because people who have money do not bother with such trivial things as touching trash.

If you do not want so much garbage, here is a novel idea: why don't you penalize companies who keep wrapping their junk in so much packaging?

So spare me the false sermons. If you truly want to look after Mommy Earth, stop obsessing over straws and stop making so many things that have absolutely no use other than to be useless garbage once something is opened.

Preaching is not aligning with reality.

And the Ontario Liberals had some very clueless pseudo-pro-environmental nincompoopity.

And Doug Ford is doing away with them all because those programs do not benefit the people who voted him in.

He is cutting the Ontario Green Fund and rebates for buying electric cars, which should have never been available in the first place.

Because those programs aren't exactly geared for the poor, but the well-heeled who can afford the luxury of buying electric cars and can spend tens of thousands of dollars to make their houses environment-friendly.

Poor people cannot even rent an apartment without a couple of roommates.

But you have outlets such as the Toronto Star wail how Ford is killing the environment.

That has always been a rich man's hobby. It was never made with the realities of the economy in mind or at heart. It has been a way of making the wealthy seem more moral, and hence, superior to the poor.

What kind of policy do you have that gives money to people who -- if they are truly serious about saving the environment -- then they will make the sacrifice of shelling out the money they already have to buy better quality windows and a snazzy Tesla?

Taxpayers shouldn't be buying stuff for the wealthy.

There are better and more equitable ways to not mess up the planet.

So if the Left are sincere about their dedication to the environment, they need to do it in such a way that it isn't a tax write-off for people who can afford to kick in a few more tax dollars in the first place -- and makes it something that does not discriminate between various socioeconomic classes -- or continue to keep those on the bottom from ever moving up.

The programs had one intent: allowing patrons of the Left to get rewarded for their patronage, and it showed. It's a sham that deceives people into thinking something is being done for the environment when it never did.

You want to make a difference? Help poor homeowners install metal roofs, for instance -- not the conventional roofing material that flies off and creates a lot of garbage when it has to be replaced every few years.

Or just ban those kinds of materials.

How much useless plastic junk are being sold in cheap discount stores? Why not ban that entirely?

Because that's real. 

And it doesn't favour those who have a lot of cash to burn...