Journalism's war propaganda continues: Exploiting the children as they condemn their enemy of doing the same.

Journalists and politicians do have one thing in common: they love to exploit children.

We now have a classic war propaganda situation in the US with people outraged that children are being separated from their migrant parents.

This is not a good or acceptable situation, and it is a boneheaded thing to do, but now we have an immoral press trying to say their president is immoral by exploiting these same children.

It reminds me of an old poster Spy magazine did years ago:

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 1.11.41 AM.png

ProPublica was the worst offender of this game, and there is a lot more going on than this overly-simplistic narrative.

We have people violently complaining how horrible their regime is in their treatment of illegal immigrants. Fine, fair enough. Lots of wealthy complainers, and they should shut up, and open up both their wallets and their homes, and accommodate the influx. 

During the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, my mother inherited grandad's house, and though we were never wealthy (a single parent working class family), she donated that house to refugees from the war, and said it could be any of the warring sides: so long as they were homeless refugees with children, there were no questions asked. She never received so much as a thank you note, but she put her money where mouth is.

And you have billionaires squawking at Trump, when they have multiple homes that they could open up with the same stipulation. If you had citizens on the Left who did their civic duty and took in people in need, then the government resources wouldn't be taxed to the limit. Talk is cheap.

But we let children fall through the cracks all the time. How many are killed by their families -- or pimped out? There is a case here in Hamilton of a child who has been through vile abuse -- and not too many people are losing sleep over her damage.

But it goes back to lazily expecting the organization called They to do Something About It.

It is a vile thing to separate children from parents. It is also a vile thing to exploit those same children with war propaganda disguised as news because once the gambit either works or blows up in reporters's faces, those same children will be ignored and left alone to fend for themselves.

Those children are mere pawns, and in fact, children are separated and abandoned in camps all over the world and no one is the least bit excited. This outrage is a manipulative and insincere one of convenience, and it is the motive that makes it look as hollow as it appears.

But illegal immigration is a serious global problem that has gotten worse over time. No one has been handling it, let alone handling it right.

However, that is the unfortunate but painfully obvious byproduct of instigating and fanning wars in various countries: you tear down entire civilizations, you create a nomadic class looking for a pace to plan their roots, and they are going to look for a sure thing because chaos traumatizes and exhausts a person.

Poverty spreads, and then people look for salvation anywhere they can find it, always looking for a sure thing.

There is no such thing as a sure thing: you go to outsiders for a refuge, and you will pay a price twice over: the first from the ones who do not want a burdensome wounded stranger to drag them down, and then from the exploiters who will feign to give you a sympathetic ear until they reach their goal, and then treat you with worse contempt once they got what they wanted from you.

It is an Age of Propaganda, after all: too many players have a narrative to peddle, and a game to play. People lose their humanity even when they think they still have it, and they do not see that they are no better or different from the enemy they wish to destroy.

No one wants to be the displaced parent who has nothing to give their children. They already have nothing, and now they have less than nothing.

But then to become a pawn in a foreign country in some egotistical game of combat is the worst parental nightmare come true: your life is a nightmare and no matter where you run and try to hide, whatever wars destroyed you once have found you to do it again.

And they took your child's innocence in the bargain.

But in five minutes, everyone forgets, and goes on until the next convenient child victim is ripe for the next round of exploitation.

And the press has always been so very good at it.

It wasn't always this way. Once upon a time, horrors were exposed to right wrongs.

And then those wrongs were righted.

But along the way, journalists forgot what it meant to be moral and allow their humanity to guide them more than their seething vendettas and egos, and then no problem ever seems to be resolved, as every problem becomes worse for no good reason at all.

And the never-ending torture and abuse of children around the world goes on without challenge or resistence...