Washington Post employees throw temper tantrum: refuse to improve their product; want their sugar daddy to use his successful business to enable them.

It is hard to imagine what kind of child-like ditziness permeates through the Washington Post's newsrooms. It reminds me of a little boy I knew who saw an ATM machine for the first time when his uncle took out cash from it. He then thought his parents were total nerds because all you needed was a card and all this free money came out of the machine -- so why didn't his clueless parents get the magic money card so that they could buy anything they wanted?

The Washington Post has a special kind of stupid in their logic, signing a petition demanding that their overlord Amazon titan Jeff Bezos fund their sining ship.

They have done nothing to change. They honestly expect their owner to throw money from an independently successful company to fund their deadweight. 

You don't enable bad journalism. Throwing money in a black hole will not fix anything or magically turn their fortunes around. If they had been competent, they would not be in the position they are in now. They own this mess. Why don't they write a petition to themselves, making the demand of stop arrogantly following the same old script, and do things differently?

Journalists love their sugar-daddies, kissing up to them until those same sugar-daddies demand those lazy sugar-babies pull their own weight and produce a profitable product. Then come out the tempter tantrums and their noble victim act.

Enough. It's not as if you do anything of value; you crib, and that's not worth pouring any more money into -- if your owner wants to spend his loot on frivolous nonsense, he can spend it on himself...