Concordia University oblivious to reality: Launches "Investigative Journalism" program doing the same things that helped destroy the profession.

Journalism is a cheap faculty to put up to take money from students who become unemployable after graduation as the industry collasped, but from the looks of it, they are doing the same thing in a climate where journalism has proven to be antiquated to a modern world.

How oblivious are they?

Just take a look at their silly press release complete with my translation:

Headed by Patti Sonntag, former managing editor of the New York Times’s News Services Division, (an unemployed news producer who worked in a legacy, old school outlet)... 

the institute will be headquartered in Concordia’s Department of Journalism and will attempt to foster investigative journalism and alleviate “news poverty” in certain regions of the country caused by the loss of advertising revenue for local and regional media. ("attempt" means "do not expect anything from us", while "news poverty" means "places that have abandoned a product that no longer spoke to them as they now have social media to replace the arrogant old guard." Worse, this is forcing taxpayers to fund a dead profession, an even more vile idea than having unpaid interns, they are using more than just free labour journalism students -- they have to pay the university in the bargain. How immoral -- and using the same fatal errors that destroyed the profession in the first place).

Media partners in the project include Global News, The National Observer and the Toronto Star, while academic partners include Carleton University, Humber College, Mount Royal University, Ryerson University, University of King’s College, University of Regina and University of British Columbia. (translates to "All the organizations that were so dense as to allow their profession to collapse are now meddling to help further decimate a dead corpse).

Pathetic? Absolutely. Worthless degree? You bet. Money grab without an ounce of innovation? Oh, yes. Arrogant, tone deaf, and oblivious to reality?

What do you expect? All the players who pontificated until there was no more platform to do so, are at it again...expect nothing from these morons -- they only know how to ape actions for comedic effect, not bring true innovation with an alternative to a dead profession...