A day late and a dollar short, Guardian: Journalism go trapped by their own games.

The Guardian is trying so hard to save a dead profession, but it is all a day late and a dollar short. 

Worse, they think pinning everything on Donald Trump is going to save them.

No, it won't for a good reason.

This precious piece dutifully instructs the little people how the US president is "winning" debates against the press because journalists are parroting his phrases such as "fake news".

Yes, he knows how to use the media to his own ends and how to use their own corrupt and flawed methods against them. The conformation bias in their entire argument ignores the most important fact: that journalists are guilty as sin: they crib from PR firms and press releases, all while making it seem as if they got that information on their own.

And now that the US Justice Department has uncovered that journalists were essentially bribing FBI officials with free golf games and trips all while pretending that they have some fake antagonistic relationship with them, we now know exactly how the mainstream press operate: dishonestly and deviously.

And Trump saw it all upfront for decades. They gave him free publicity as they ignored the real problems happening in the world.

He is a master at the the game of Go: he knows how to surround a target as he removes their liberties one by one; however, the press all banded together and cast the first stone -- meaning they willingly played with him. No babes in the woods, and let's not cast journalists as either Heroes or Victims, because they are neither. They are Villains wearing Heroes and Victims as they try to deflect attention away from their own sketchy actions.

Their own conniving nature sunk them: and then someone who knows who they really were all along.

So go tell that dwindling and apathetic audience how the press is under attack -- but be certain you tell those people how that profession brought themselves into the position with their conniving nature in the first place...