Political atheism and sanctioned insanity in an Age of Propaganda

News Talk 1010 had a host ask a good question: why is Justin Trudeau's groping of a reporter almost twenty years ago when he was 29 not being played up in the press (having a silly caller babbling about #MeToo doesn't have "due process" -- TORTEE that ignores all the cases where the men confessed and confirmed they did it and that many of these instances weren't criminal, but just abusive, but I digress).

It is not as if there hasn't been chatter about it, but the old editorial where the future PM and faux feminist was sorry that he did it to a reporter and not a no-name woman is not going to gain any traction the same way that Bill Clinton frat boy garbage in the White House had feminists running to the press to defend a sexual harasser, and how Ivanka Trump's accomplishments will be ignored and dismissed by the same psychographic.

We have people who are conniving and have figured out how to manipulate people and get them so upset that they cannot think straight. Just watch Canada run around like chickens without heads all over tariff wars with the US. No reflection, rational thought, research, and formulating a realistic plan instead of screaming and screeching like a toddler whose balloon got untied from their wrist and then flies up in the sky. The US can now do whatever they want because the target audience become their own misdirection as they miss the obvious.

And middle class Canadians are missing the obvious -- but not as badly as the politicians they elect and then have to enable.

So how does someone emotionally manipulate millions of people?

It is a lot simpler than it looks.

First, draw a line in the sand. People on our side of the line is superior than the people standing on the other side. Binary thinking and competitiveness get people primed to see every reason why they are better than the random folks staring at them, while the confirmation bias, personal attacks, and rote thinking take care of the rest. We want to be better and get more: so we think up reasons, not seeing reality, but our fantasy where our superiority fantasy is proven true.

We construct narratives. We ignore our own flaws, but never the people on the other side.

To keep the groups together -- and separate, we pick a leader to do our thinking that we have to memorize -- The One Rule That Explains Everything; in this case, why we are completely right and why people who are not applauding us are completely wrong.

We make excuses as we ignore our own mistakes and failings -- but if the other side points them out right after we point theirs out, we get our noses out of joint, babbling that it's just a made up concept called "Whataboutism".

No, it is called the confirmation bias where you just look for evidence that confirms your theory as you willingly ignore the evidence that refutes it.

Many religious cults used these systems and they have creeped into our political systems.

We deify our leaders. We demonize the opposing ones.

And we babble and spew how we are more enlightened and moral, when in fact, we are not held together by morals at all.

But sanctioned insanity.

We make up stupid rules and rituals to force people to follow instead of think for themselves. We become so distracted memorizing someone else's goofiness, that we completely neglect our own hearts, minds, and souls.

We are now in an Age of Propaganda, and the Left have proven to be just as hypocritical as the Right.

The Left pretends to embrace feminism -- but no feminist can justify what Bill Clinton did. No feminist would work free as that man's publicist in the New York Times for it.

Because no feminist would hitch her fortunes on anyone else but herself.

Feminists have put all their eggs in the Left basket, meaning they have no options. They are chained to a single party.

Instead of pushing through into both parties -- and creating new ones of their own, they passively use one party as their shelter and refuge, meaning any harmful behaviour coming from their side of the linear divide has to be endured.

That's not progress. That's regression.

So Trudeau could do whatever he wanted as a thirty year old man who should have been an adult and a human being by then -- and he can do whatever he wants to now -- he has the little ladies of the Left right where he wants them, because they have to function by fear, not visionary and innovative bravery.

The Right have every right to ask about the double standard, and they are not wrong in pointing out that the Left just babble lies as they morally masturbate in public.

Because people on one side linear divide as no different and no better than those on the other side.

Because enabled men who have everything handed to them on a silver platter as others are always cleaning up his messes are going to feel flawless no matter what ideological and sanctioned insanity they ascribe to for convenience.

And because women who clean up other people's messes will always lose focus and burn out, never learning how to wield and gain their own power under any and every circumstance so long as they play mommy to adults who are scamming them and distracting them in order to steal that power for themselves.

But the illusions of differences are the hallmark in the Age of Propaganda, and it takes disavowing from the cultish ways of politics to see the big picture.

In other words, political atheism is an idea whose time has comes, despite the rambling denials of the fallen Left-sing partisan online rags, such as Democracy that thinks "contrarian Liberalism" is dead.

So is Liberalism, Conservatism, and all the ideological dogma because there is a sophistry fatigue.

If we had a functioning journalism, Clinton and Trudeau would have been rejected a long time ago because their respective countries deserved a lot better than boys who are in love with themselves.

If we had a functioning journalism, women wouldn't be afraid to vote for any party or fear any political system because their needs wouldn't be ignored or dismissed.

But we don't. We never did.

An alternative is not about choosing sides, but examining each one, questioning the line in the sand -- as well as those who play make pretend while they wear blinders, ignoring the rot they are allowing to go unchallenged because they are hoping some benevolent They will solve all of their problems for them...