#BuyCanadian? You need Canadian-made products to pull that one off.

Yeah, good luck with that unworkable whopper of a  theory, children.

Are you using non-Canadian Big Tech Facebook and Twitter to let the world know how ignorant you are?

And are you using your non-Canadian MacBook or Samsung Galaxy to do it?

You aren't doing it on Blackberry phones, you know, because Canadians turned up their noses since they were convinced that Americans did it so much cooler with iPhones.

Canada slacked seriously in that department over the decades, and their temper tantrum against the US is a hoot.

Canadian factories with Canadian owners?

Bwah ha ha!

Almost extinct with most of those native-owned entities have shut down over the decades.

So forget that one.

And of those factories in this country, the vast majority are US and foreign-owned.

Not Canadian.

China is the world's factory. Look at where your clothes are made. Look where most of the products are made: in China.

Canadians are chest-thumping, but they have no cards to play with their spat with the US over tariffs. They may be uninformed, but Americans never are when it comes to doing a head count of Benjamins.

This country should have "bought Canadian" thirty years ago when it actually would have made a difference, but Canadian-based factories are a thing of the past.

Now Canadians think of a strategy that is no longer available to them. You can buy Canadian all you want, it will not make any difference at all. There is no there there. 

As I have said before, Canada has been very lackadaisical where it counts the most. From clothing companies going bankrupt to steel companies being bought by Americans, Canada became completely dependent on US industry for their survival.

We have no Canadian-based car manufacturer. 

Our publishing industry is inconsequential and getting worse by the year.

Steel, the fodder that made Hamilton a strong city, it in shambles and has been for years. On the other hand, the US food manufacturer Mondelēz is still around, making Westdale smell like bubble gum.

Let us not pretend there is retaliation available to us. There isn't. That would have taken decades of hard work, respecting unions, making numerous alliances with other countries, lobbying government to have stricter laws in this country to incubate Canadian-based businesses, and fostering Canadian companies so they can expand into other countries.

So to the bratty and ignorant slacktivists of #BuyCanadian: shut up, and do some homework instead of throwing empty threats at people who know exactly how much damage you can really do.

That piece of cardboard you are waving around is not a Samurai sword.

Canadian journalism failed their people in not giving them the memo of reality: when you eat at McDonald's, shop at Wal-Mart, wear Ralph Lauren, download Ariana Grande, get Frisky's cat food at PetSmart, and text on your iPhone as you order on Amazon, guess what?

You are not buying Canadian.

So just shut your ignorant mouths, do your research, and think long and hard about the reality that you left everything up to They.

Americans did not. They did not look to They to save them and expand their fortunes.

It will take more than just a quick fix and temper tantrum to fix the core of this problem. The fix would takes years, not minutes -- and it requires us to look inward, and not blame foreigners for the mess we made happily all on our own.

An alternative to journalism would point all of this out -- no matter what snarky denials and screeching that took place because of it -- when there are fewer filters on reality, it becomes easier to work on reality than cower in a corner, hiding behind those layers that lie to us how everything will work out in the end because They will take care of it -- and us...