Watching Canada jump into the rabbit hole: It is a long drop down.

Listening to Newstalk 1010's babbling bimbos on Moore in the Morning is instructive. Sheltered lethargy from the well-heel white trash isn't worth repeating too much; so let's take something silly from a silly and gullible politician instead.

In this case, NDP House Leader Ruth Ellen Brosseau proved that savvy is no requirement for the job of being a politician:

While Canadians stand together, President Trump stands alone. 

Are you serious?

Are you actually grounded in reality -- or is it all fairy princess narrative with you?

To explain how self-absorbed this comment is, let me bring you back to my late teens when the Civil War in Yugoslavia was going on.

It was a scary time to be someone of Serbian descent in Canada. Newstalk 1010 were bashing Serbs to an irrational extent -- having their hosts openly talk of rounding up all of the Canadians of Serb heritage and put them in camps.

Fascist fun on the radio! (And this was before Bill C-51 where you can lose your Canadian citizenship. Justin Trudeau, as usual, made the empty promise to repeal it and hasn't. That wasn't on the table then, but it was no less terrifying to be targeted because of your nationality).

I wrote letters to people in the media. Hundreds of them, as well as politicians. I didn't just babble without facts: I found out which PR firms were controlling the media coverage and how the were doing it, and telling those in the press that there were people who knew they were just cribbing press releases and doing no actual research.

This wasn't the days of the Internet where I could just post everything up, and provide information where I obtained my facts and how I verified them. I had a fax machine that worked over time sending me documents and reports at all hours of the night because I was writing and calling people all over the world to find out as much as I could, all while going full-time to university, and in my final year, part-time to college as well.

I also went on marches to protest what was happening, even though I knew it was an exercise in democratic futility. I picketed daily outside of them MP Shelia Copps's office in Hamilton, the US embassy in Toronto where someone slashed my tires, and even drove up all the way to Ottawa to protest on Parliament Hill.

There were CSIS agents marching along the protesters, keeping close tabs on a bunch of frazzled Serb-Canadians who were pleading for rationality, not causing any damage, and just shouting "Stop the bombing now!"

The protesters weren't any threat. They were terrified for relatives at home. They were terrified of getting their rights revoked over here.

But just how peaceful were the protesters?

More than once, there would be a group of Croatian Canadians coming to taunt the Serbian protesters, rubbing their noses in how everyone was taking their side, ha ha ha and all that jazz. It was not very mature, but if the provocations were meant to incite a brawl, it never worked. As in ever. If those protesters wanted to be violent, they would be blowing up things like ISIL or going over back home to take up arms and harm.

But it didn't mean that Serbs weren't shouting back, and those exchanges were very interesting to me.

What they shouted to the Croatians was the word Ustashe!

Which is the equivalent of calling Germans Nazis.

In the Second World War, Croat soldiers were called the Ustashe, and suffice to say, they were very happy and proud fascists, running concentration camps -- the one is Sisak was made specifically to starve, torture, and liquidate children, and these soldiers photographed all of their atrocities against Serbs, Jews, and Roma with happy smiles on their faces.

This fact is not up for dispute. There is photographic evidence and plenty of it -- all taken by the perpetrators. My Serbian grandmother's family -- parents, siblings, and others twenty-seven in all, all died in various concentration camps during the war. The only reason my grandmother was alive was that she was a nurse during the war effort working on a medical train. My family's demise by the Ustashe is also not in dispute. There are records of their deaths and where they died, with my grandmother's youngest sister Rada being a child when adult male soldiers ganged up on her and slaughtered her.

So here you had Serbs calling the wannabe provocateurs Ustashe, to which the Croats said proudly, Yes we are! We're the Ustashe!

What was meant as some horrible insult was seen as a badge of honour. Serbs never grasped that reality, constantly shouting the very word that brought no shame to their enemy, only glee and pride.

Unlike the Germans, who were forced to face the fact that being a Nazi was a bad thing, the Croats got a free pass after the war -- and still do. My grandmother's entire family may have been wiped off the map by the Croats, but after the war, she married one, saying she that he wasn't like that -- and he wasn't. Granddad was horrified by it to the point that he converted: from being a Catholic to becoming an Orthodox Christian. 

If you are keeping score, I am of mixed heritage. Remember that before you make some bigoted comment that I cannot see reality because I am of Serbian heritage.

But the futile exchange would happen every time -- I would say to my fellow protesters that calling people who are proud to be Ustashe Ustashe! doesn't do a thing, but they never got it.

I got it, however. It would be like a bunch of privileged rich white men calling me a feminist as an insult.

Yes, I am a feminist. I am not ashamed of being one, no matter how many times you call me one. Your tone and facial expressions mean nothing to me.

Which brings us back to what Brosseau said...

While Canadians stand together, President Trump stands alone. 


Do you actually understand anything, sheltered little girl?

So what?

For people who have the attention span of gnats, let me keep you up to speed with recent history:

When Donald Trump first decided he was going to run for president, he did it through the Republican party. They did not welcome him with open arms as everyone from Mitt Romney to John McCain had epic fits. The Old School faction had their golden boy Jeb Bush who had over two hundred million dollars in his war chest at the beginning of this rigged little race put on for the benefit of the little people. Old money wanted the guy who had no less than two first degree relatives hold that job before him. Everyone already decided Jeb was the Chose One. The End.

The Tea Party faction had their boy Ted Cruz. They didn't want Trump, either. They had the guy with political experience who managed to forge ahead with his own little posse.

Those Republicans all stood together united. Donald Trump stood alone.

Who won?

Excuse me, Ms Brosseau, I can't hear you.

And when Trump won the nomination, he went up against Hillary Clinton, the one whose husband was president, and she was a senator and Secretary of State. The Democrats and media all stood together with her while Donald Trumps stood alone.

Who won?

Was it Clinton?

No, it was the man who wins by standing alone Donald J. Trump.

By now, if Canadians were the observant type, they would notice a pattern, and make plans. Trump wins by standing alone. He is that good of a strategist.

(And Ivanka Trump is probably the greatest female strategist of our generation. When her father's campaign was floundering, she came on eleven days after giving birth and turned that campaign's fortunes around without any previous political experience -- square that with Caroline Mulroney, whose daddy was Prime Minister, and who ran for Ontario PC leader at the height of #MeToo, and came in third out of fourth on the first ballot -- all that, and the fourth place noob helped propel Doug Ford into top spot. Caroline snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and couldn't even play king-maker because she couldn't even answer softball questions from the press. To say Canada is ill-prepared for the next leg of the Chaos Narrative is a gross understatement).

Trump has mastered his own country, and now he has upped the ante and is absolutely ensuring that he does the same on the world stage.

There is no contest, Trump wins, and that should put Canada on notice.

Trump created more than just chaos.

He owns the story and it is The Chaos Narrative. He is the magician and narrator.

And Justin Trudeau is too conniving to be able to stand up to him. He needs minions applauding and uniting with him, and that is the sign of an ineffectual and impotent leader.

I was listening Newstalk's squares babbling propaganda on the Round Table -- completely clueless as they were waxing nostalgic when Yesterday's Man Barak Obama had the photo op bromance with Trudeau on his goodbye tour -- and how Obama was "mentoring" Trudeau.

Let me get this lunacy straight: you elect a leader who needs mentoring? 

You think having a leader who arrived without having an ability to deliver is a cute thing?

Have you all lost your minds? That is not cute: that is insulting.

No wonder Canada made itself a target. It is ignoring history of other countries who have found themselves in the crosshairs after enjoying decades of solid relations, is throwing blind fits after real tactical errors were made on their end, not being prepared for a crisis, and not considering the possibility that there is a very good chance there will be something damaging released that will be used as proof that the narrative is true. Something very careless and specific has happened behind the scenes that set this game of Go in motion, and it isn't the press conference.

All that has to happen is Canada's -- or even just Ontario's -- credit rating get a downgrade just as the tariffs hit, and we are so weakened, that the US can buy us at a fire sale price.

And Trump knows it. He has done business here, after all.

He is already paving the path to opening the Korean market -- an untapped market with more potential than keeping business with Canada. Trump has already said as much.

Canada jumped into this rabbit hole arrogantly, thinking just because the US had use for us yesterday, they will have use for us tomorrow. Serbs were convinced that both the US and Russia were going to take their side in the conflict, and it never happened.

It was a shock to Serbs. Not me, though.

I had done too much research as a One Woman fact-gathering centre to think all Serbs had to do was just show facts and explain. There was too much at stake, and there were financial and political reasons to bring the former Yugoslavia to its knees. Germany benefitted the most -- and even now, they are starting to circle back to have another go at the region because their Oaf in Chief Angela Merkel made enough blunders to cause grief to the country, thinking it is the same easy con as it was before the War.

It's not. Too much has happened, and the climate has changed. If they thought they can play the same tricks, they are in for the surprise of their lives. NATO is making silly threats that there is "unfinished business" in the region -- but too many other players -- such as China and Saudi Arabia -- have entrenched themselves and built up too much equity in the area to let NATO thump their chests at the Balkans's expense, not to mention that too many ex-pat Serbs have congregated in places such as the UK where they can wield enough political clout to make a difference. That route is already firmly shut, and Trump is a strategist who doesn't fool around. Europe's old tricks are about to turn on them -- but as they are unteachable, they are going to play this the wrong way to the end like the overly-confident Serbs did in the 1990s.

Canada is beyond clueless that once you willingly enter the rabbit hole, you lost control of not just the narrative, but your role, your perceptions, and your footing. There is no getting out of that hole because your own kicking of dirt shuts the hole up.

And it does not help when the federal Tories are booting each other out and calling each other "back-stabbers." Well played, children. And we accuse Trump of having tantrums? And we're not?

Thinking that Canada can just "stop provoking" Trump is National Post's wishful thinking as is the idea we can "ride out" this story. Trudeau must have done something very bad and very, very stupid regarding Trump, thinking he is clever. He thinks he is a Trudeau, but he is a Sinclair: he understands optics from a shallow point of view. He has no idea how many people have cleaned up his messes for him and paved his way because of his name, and they won't stand behind him for long because their investment in him is about to tank.

Nor does he see that Trump is not just a man who can stand alone: he is a man who has a plan. Canada's role in this plan has no semblance to its previous roles in the past. It is more than plain, but the denial factor is making matters worse because we don't have a plan -- just politicians who blindly stand behind a leader who does not know how to lead.

Jean Chretien had a recent interview that puts much into perspective, and is worth adding here:

Chretien also used the Le Devoir interview to slam Quebec separatism, in particular the notion that an independent Quebec could separate with its current borders intact.

“By what right would Quebec become indivisible? All of (Northern Quebec) was handed over in 1911. It’s not the French who claimed that. It was the Hudson’s Bay Company, the English,” he said.

This is a highly ironic comment. If Quebec were to separate -- they couldn't take the entire province as their own...

Except when the former Yugoslavia broke up -- Canada and the rest of the Western world precisely allowed that to happen, even if the Serb minorities in different regions did not want to separate from Serbia. It was this geographic rigidity that actually cause the bloodshed.

I remember writing letters to various international politicians as a mere teenager, making this very case: what you give to one side, you have to give to the other. Not everyone wants to be part of Croatia just as Croats did not want to be a part of Yugoslavia. Serbs got thrown under a bus, and then labelled as war aggressors and ethnic cleansers. They never knew what hit them as they kept going back to an old narrative and role that was yanked away from them.

They were ill-prepared when Croatia had the improbable plan of breaking away and got Bill Clinton's stamp of approval. After firms such as Ruder Finn got their marching orders, there was no using the old labels or narrative anymore. It was a different narrative, and Serbs kept trying to go back to an old story. It never worked because too many other nations had too much on the line to allow any competing narrative to potentially impact their bottom line.

It was all about the Benjamins, nothing more.

So Chretien's interview proves beyond dispute that the West always knew this little fact of divisibility, but ignored it back then because they had other plans for the region.

And Canada should remember that: Trump has other plans -- and they don't involve keeping Canada to reap the benefits of the status quo.

We are now in that rabbit hole because we passively allowed a very poor quality leader to drag us there. We are a country with a sparse population who never lived like kings and queens, despite all the natural resources we could use to create a paradise. We either pull a pay check from an American company, or from a debt-ridden government, and now we have provoked someone who is a magician who can pull the carpet from under us in a blink of an eye. 

Do not look to US celebrities for validation because they are just talk. How many of those brats actually moved to Canada after vowing they would because Trump got elected?

That's right. None. Zero.

The number of the Fool.

Canada is about to grow up in the place on the other side of the rabbit hole: one that professors, politicians, and the middle class have no idea exists, let alone how to function, negotiate, or even survive there.

Canada is not the only one put on notice: the usual gang of idiots in the G7 have also been shown to be incapable of basic strategy when one of their own deviates from their script.

One man. All it takes is one in the Chaos Narrative is to set the series of events to forever change the story.

And Canada has no control over what will happen on the other side of that rabbit hole...