Vice was built on "smoke and mirrors"? You don't say, New York Post and New York magazine!

I love an obvious story, and the New York Post has one as does New York magazine, too on how Vice Media did some very dodgy optical feints in order to seem more successful to potential investors than they were -- getting money all while, of course, poorly-paying and sexually harassing their female employees.

Yeah, that was always more than obvious. Their product was always male self-adoration narrative trash that was scant on facts and heavy on childish sophistry that thinks it is hip and edgy because they flip the bird in photoshoots.

Nah, that is what unoriginal grifters do hoping you will be shocked and not take a closer look at the shoddy work of the drivel they puke out.

That journalists have just clued in now is hilarious. They never learned to question those cocky white boys because they may be the Next Great Man or Visionary.

Please, grow up ad grow a pair of ovaries.

They never learned to question, think critically, form a hypothesis, and conduct and experiment that tell them if what they see is real or a bluff, and in the media industry, puffing is just a way of saying hello.

Anyone who thinks Vice has any value is naive. It never did. It is just peddling a fairy tale narrative to pacify the boys who never became hip and edgy rock stars.

It's just silly, but it is always a hoot to see the extent of journalistic gullibility show its empty head every once in a while...