The Toronto Star makes a fool out of Canada: Enabling the White Trash undercurrents of the Chaos Narrative.

It must be hard for the Toronto Star. Doug Ford won the election, even though that paper did everything they could to decimate his young brother. It was overkill, and after all of that howling vitriol, Doug Ford holds the keys to the province.

And now Justin Trudeau is bungling a simple and straightforward trade negotiation, with his arrogant nincompoopity turning into some sort of White Trash tantrum fest. 

Now, the Star has a vested interest in praising the Prime Minister -- the newspaper has been begging for money for months, using their own product for their own propaganda extravaganza.

They cannot admit Trudeau is is making a mess. Trump has created a Chaos Narrative, and he can control the message. He destroys established order and creates such pandemonium, that those who stick to scripts are so busy being shocked and offended that they lose sight of the goal.

It is classic 36 Stratagems of war. It is a very simple boxing match.

Trudeau vogued in a ring and played make pretend boxing, but if he was a real boxer, he would see the moves in the ring, and have completely avoided looking like someone trying to get some money back on Judge Judy because his drunken buddy ripped him off, bickering and fighting and having to be told to shut up by a TV judge with little shoulders and helmet hair.

Worse, if he were on Judge Judy, he'd lose.

Trudeau, according to the Star is a "hero" for acting like a spoiled and conniving little boy who was brushed off by his better.

No, he is not a hero. He didn't save any children from being trafficked into Russia. He didn't rush in to a burning building to save anyone -- he wouldn't know how.

When do we consider people who have messed up a hero?

But the Star is taking sides, not reporting facts. That is propaganda.

The bottom line is that the US has almost ten times the population as Canada, and can do easily without doing any business with Canada. Trump knows how to read a ledger. He can see the bottom line, and he can see deficiencies -- and inefficiencies. 

And now the Trudeau regime is making matters worse, hoping of other countries do not like Trump, that they can corner him into giving in even if he has a winning hand.

Canada has been very careless. They coasted on the United States, and should have long ago reduced their dependency on them because it is never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket, and then think you can bluff the other guy who holds the balance of power into letting you hang on his coattails.

The Star is living proof of what happens when you think you are irreplaceable and do not need to change. They lost their clout and now they have been reduced to trying to manipulate and shame the government to give them pennies because no one wants to take what they say seriously.

Europe has the same underlying arrogance: these are leaders who have broken in their own populace, and now think they are smarter and better than anyone else, and Trump came in, saw who he was dealing with, and poured cold water on their lofty self-views, showed they had no power, and then ditched the nerds and upstaged them with a more epic summit. Some of the G7 will not win re-election because of this failure.

The Star, if they weren't little broken down cheerleaders, would start wondering what it is the Trump has up his sleeve, and why is it so important to villainize Canada. Demanding an apology is stupid -- empty words will not change the script of this game. Something is going on.

North Korea was trash talking Trump just months ago with nuclear threats coming from both sides. It wasn't Trump who blinked. 

Journalists are script-followers. They are cheerleaders. They are not thinkers or fact-finders.

Canada is as unprepared for the upcoming storm as they were before. Their news media has utterly failed them. 

This is not the time to run and defend inept politicians.

Ford could see the writing on the wall, and that's why he is now the premier elect. The shift to the Right is happening in Canada for a reason that goes beyond Liberal free-spending ideology: the Grits have been giving away candy for fifteen years, and while voters grumble, they aren't going to say no to possible graft, eve if it is on their own dime and their children will pay for it.

Something else happened that required a radical change. 

The Chaos Narrative.

All of the old rules no longer applies. The Left keep trying to shame people into staying the course, but their narrative works only under Order where there is predictability.

Now that the order has proven not to be reliable or the state of reality, their sermons are beginning to sound ludicrous and misaligned with reality.

Canada is in for the humbling of its existence. I remember when there were the same ill winds circling around the former Yugoslavia -- Serbs were as lackadaisical as are Canadians, convinced it would all blow over because the United States were their friends: they fought against the Nazis, just like the Serbs did in the Second World War, and there would be no way the US would ever turn on them.

They were in for the shock of their lives. War broke out, they were cast as the Villain, and everything they took for granted proved to be nothing more than a self-imposed illusion.

And it is happening again. 

And if Trudeau had been a hero, he would have cut this off at the pass months ago with a more serious and humble frame of mind.

There are no heroes when all the key players refuse to face reality.

And the Star never had the ovaries to do that, either -- and why their fortunes have vanished and they have to stoop do working as Prime Minister's free spin doctors -- and not fact-gatherers...