What is the difference between journalism and F.R.E.E.D.? It is the difference between scripture and adlibture.

When a situation is based on order, tradition, and unity, corruptions sets in and takes over.

There are established rigs that serve as barriers. There is sanctioned insanity. There are social codes to exploit and manipulate. There are untested truisms taken to be truth and reality. Unnatural habits restrict and confine thinking. People function by rote memorization and adhering blindly to artificial scripts. People retreat into those societal scriptures, stop any form of critical thinking, relinquish power to those grifters who game the system, and then muddle through life without thinking or feeling.

You must be told what to do, to think, to feel, and to act, and those who control perceptions lose respect for the populace as they come up with more extreme, unnatural, and demeaning ways to distract people from thinking critically.

It is easy to look cunning and wise when everyone follows a script and you can "predict" what people will say or do. You can look like a prophet and even omniscient.

So long as everyone sticks to the script that becomes social scripture. People depend on you because you seem to be the leader who knows how to control those Big, Scary Monsters that force the soft layer of the Middle Class to hide under their beds as they let life pass them by.

One rebel or spoiler breaks that spell, and the truth of your lack of cunning is exposed.

Journalism has been a profession that has coasted on scripture for a very long time. They cover canned events. They cover fake news such as the Oscars at the Met Gala. They crib from press releases. They appeal to authority.

There is no independent thinking. There is no original thought or ability to deal with anyone or anything that deviates from the sanctioned script.

They walk lockstep with each other. There is the unity. They use set formats and narrative. There is the order. They are doing the same thing they have done for decades. There is the tradition.

And that model is broken beyond repair.

Donald Trump has been the spoiler who has turned those scripts into toilet paper.

Journalists cannot control or manipulate him because they cannot predict him. They did not predict his rise to president. They did not predict he would turn the US economy into a powerhouse, despite all the distractions the Democrats and FBI have thrown his way.

And now he has taken his show to a global scale, making the world's most powerful leaders look small, ineffectual, and weak because they too, could not control or predict him.


Because these are people who have ruled by getting their citizens to numbly follow scripts, giving an illusion of being smarter and more powerful than they really are.

Journalism has become nothing more than scripture. Just follow the rules. Questioning those untested rules will get you a label of Crazy and Evil Villain. Testing those rules and proving they are nonsense will turn the tables on those demanding adherence to scripture, and prove them to be the grifters who rely on fear and puffing to plunder and abuse people.

Journalism discourages critical thinking. It stifles debate and new schools of thought to the point that those who break their codes can pretend to seem rebellious as they further exploit people in a more degrading way. 

We have Trump because journalism was about scripture.

It is the reason the model of journalism is dead: it doesn't inform. It doesn't liberate. It doesn't rejuvenate innovation or inspire new modes and methods of thinking.

If your system requires everyone to follow a set script, it is not a real system. It is misdirection used to blind people from reality and prevent them from seeing the truth.

F.R.E.E.D. is not about imposing an artificial order. It is about navigating through chaos to find patterns and data hidden from us. It is not about tradition. It is about keeping and improving things that work, while finding new ways of finding, testing, and understanding facts. It is not about unity. It is about seeing the world as a mosaic -- how the pieces interact, and seeing the picture from the pieces.

It is about critical and independent thought -- or adlibture.

You do not use a script. You do not solely reply on rote methods.

You hit the ground running, create your laboratory, and you can navigate through more than just randomness and chaos -- but also through anarchy.

And at times, insanity without losing your own sanity in the bargain.

It gives those fact-gatherers the power and the means of breaking away from the chains of false order. It allows for intellectual and emotional growth and empathy. 

Journalism is an archaic concept that has proven to be ineffectual at finding truths or reality -- and it is time for the alternative to those destructive methods to be unleashed out in the wild, free to roam to find true progress without the corruption that destroyed journalism long ago...