How chaos defines the narrative: The G7 Debacle.

People who are not talented or good thinkers stick to scripts. They love pecking orders and try to keep it in place with arrogance and patronizing gambits. These are the people who impose order on others in order not to come up with a situation that is not part of the script so they are not exposed as being intellectually unremarkable and incompetent.

People who can think thrive in chaos. They don't care what happens: they can find an opening, ignore the ruses and rules, and succeed.

Journalists should be those who can navigate through chaos, but that breed is no longer around. They are the ones who cling on to scripts and cannot function when someone does not fit a label or is predictable.

Journalists fear Donald Trump. He is their monster because they are throwing nothing but accusations and vitriol, decreeing that he is a Very Bad Man because they cannot tell him how to behave, and everyone should just make him go away so they can go back to the scripts so the reporters can pretend they can predict people's behaviour.

Trump has repeatedly revealed the extent of journalistic incompetence. If journalists were actual journalists, they would see this as a relished challenge to redefine and resurrect the profession.

It is still the same old tired script. Angela Merkel can stare down Trump all she wants, she just looks like an ineffectual middle manager who has no control of the workplace she has been put in charge in -- and the rebel just ditched that popsicle stand for a more important and lucrative position. Well played, yesterday's woman!

Merkel's gambit has been used by control freaks, such as Charlie Manson, and it doesn't actually work, given that Manson control-freaked himself to a life sentence and died in jail. Looking down on someone is a feint and a ruse, and a very poor one at that.

I study Trump and his methods. They are utterly fascinating. He is living chaos. He can create chaos and disrupt order.

Hollywood used to revere that kind of character. An anti-hero who flouts the rules and rebels against the Establishment, and he is the first president to be an actual rebel.

But journalists hate rebels. They cannot handle someone they cannot predict or control.

Watching Trump at the G7 Play Pen is quite humorous. He is older than Canadian pantywaist Justin Trudeau, and it is Trudeau who is acting like a stodgy church lady who could use more fibre in her diet, and Trump the swaggering punk.

Trump is among a bunch of stodgy old Establishment types who are arrogant and used to telling the little people what to do.

And here is Trump, who is Sid Vicious playing at Buckingham Palace. It is pure gold.

He is living the fantasy life of people who wish they could tell off the Establishment and do their own thing.

But the press covering the event are having fits because he is more than just a spoiler: he is a culture jammer. 

And the Left had some sort of idea that they have the monopoly on it.

Culture jamming is something I discussed in my first book, and they are the graffiti artists of the media -- except they are not as good as the one who managed to get himself in the White House.

There is no place that is safe from the rule-breaking ways of Donald Trump. Even when he is angry, he is having fun. 

And much more fun than Trudeau.

Trudeau has become a boring old dud of epic proportions, revealing he was just using tricks and techniques to seem hip or something. He is just a geezer who got elected just because he promised to legalize pot. Once that happens, he is banking on the country being too stoned to notice how badly the country is being run.

It should be Trudeau who upsets the Establishment, not Trump. But Trudeau has totally lost control of the narrative, and has no outlaw appeal to him.

Trump had flings with porn stars while married to a model! He is accused of hanging around with badasses and he ran casinos. He breaks rules and is not afraid to tell people off -- people who are leaders of First World countries.

Trudeau looks like a guy who peddles Metamucil on television. Gotta get in more fibre!

But with Trump, there is method to the madness. He ditched the Play Pen early because he has more important meetings to attend to -- namely going to an unprecedented summit where he has top billing, ditching the has-beens slumming it in Quebec. To be busier than six other world leaders?

That is the mega-sized version of the American Dream. It's huge.

And the timing of these two events is not a coincidence.

But that's not the most instructive thing about this dog and pony show.

Trudeau is trying to impose order. The other G7 kids are also trying to impose order because they are not good at actual strategy. They know how to talk to their people back home who all have been broken in by their leader's silly rules, but none of those old tricks are working on a man whose professional life comes from business, not politics.

They do not know how to deal with a character who is not in their script.

They are trying to stick together, but European leaders have a horrible track record of getting along. Too many egos involved with too many cultural divisions, let alone all that history of bad blood.

So it is going to take a lot more resources to not only deal with an unpredictable element, but also having to work with each other even though they all want to be the leader of leaders and are not used to be being told by someone else what to do.

All of their resources are taxed and there is no focus when you have a united front.

It is far easier to have focus when you are by yourself in chaos.

And Trump has been very focussed. His sights are now squarely set on Canada.

For months, he has been carefully setting up a narrative where Trudeau is the evil bad guy to be defeated.

And now, the next chapter of this narrative has been taking shape with the faithful flock digging up proof of the villain's sins. This flock makes their debut in this chapter, but Trump has already upped it a notch by accusing Trudeau of being "meek, mild, and dishonest," "dishonest and weak," and "giving false statements" as journalists decree this meeting has been a disaster, throwing it into "chaos."

You don't say!

These "meetings" are nothing more than canned events and photo ops. I have seen these events play out on wire services where there is no editing, and you can see how choreographed these things are.

Except this time, someone is deviating from the script.

You have two separate plays collide, but the second play created to cause chaos with the first.

Trump has shown the Old World Order cannot function with a single -- and frivolous -- rewrite.

And if they cannot handle Trump after this long period of time, it raises questions about their own competency. Their electorate will notice that their leader is incapable of getting ahead of a foreigner.

They have already lost face to their own people after this debacle. They are supposed to represent their people with results without losing face.

Trudeau coming off as the peeved teacher who cannot maintain any control over a recalcitrant student sends a message to others in the classroom: the person who has control is not the one at the head of the class.

And most importantly of all, Trump lobbed the opening salvo with the Trudeau as Untrustworthy narrative.

It is the first narrative that sticks. Retractions have no effect.

At first, it was just confined with North America. Now it has expanded globally.

Canada is in the crosshairs right now. It is in the crosshairs and I am the only person in the country who is addressing it for a prolonged period of time.

As usual, Canadians are hoping They will make it go away and are not dealing with this problem.

But Canadian journalists are also not thinking about this as the early stages of a serious crisis.

And it is a crisis. If the United States is now isolating us, what is the motive? Why is it important to villainize us?

Chaos has now defined the narrative. Trudeau has completely bungled this crisis by not dealing with it directly.

The escalation has picked up a notch -- and it should have been confronted the first time Trump said Canada was "smooth." It was laughed off.

Now, a G7 meeting has been thrown into disarray and shown to be less important than focussing on the Koreas -- and this was a meeting hosted in Canada.

A host that has been called weak and dishonest, not just smooth and spoiled.

Trump is carefully building an effective and plausible narrative -- one that has now taken root and grown.

Leaders are expected to deal with threats. The G6 have just acted indignant and upset that their little egos have been bruised.

With a single move, these leaders have been relegated to the B-list. The 6 have to stick together because none of them is strong enough to stand their ground alone.

They are all stepping in every cow patty in the field. 

Chaos has now defined this narrative, and what happens next will be more fascinating and instructive to those of us who shunned the shackles of scripts and wish to be prepared and competent whenever the predictable happens...