Journalism's Propaganda Madness: Reinventing your profession will do more than lazily rely on self-adoration and fear-mongering.

Agitprop is nothing new and now that journalism died, those trying to pretend that it is still a noble profession are relying on propaganda to try to convince the little people that they need the press.

The latest propaganda documentary The Fourth Estate is as narcissistic as it is manipulative. It is your abusive ex-spouse warning you that your brainless self is in danger if you do not come crawling back to them.

It reminds me of another silly propaganda film Reefer Madness where stupid teens smoked pot until the absolute worst happened to them.


Except The Fourth Estate has replaced weed with Donald Trump.

But it is the same sort of over-the-top and oh-so-very-serious propaganda that is easier to churn out than actually doing real research and real work.

Journalists keep telling people how important they are...and yet, they have never had the discipline or the motivation to actually improve their product. People in STEM-based fields have made strides over the years because they work on innovation and that's why so much of what those fields had even ten years ago has no resemblance to what it has now.

That is called progress. That is how you make yourself indispensable. 

Journalism never bothered. Now that they self-destructed, they male agitprop trying to scare people into buying their useless products.

Journalists never learned to push and to lobby -- just whine. 

The National Post whines that Canadian police are no longer making it a habit of releasing names of murder victims -- why journalists are still dependent on police to dole out information in 2018 isn't even pondered. Had journalists understood the nature of their jobs ad what is at stake when you merely parrot whatever the celebrity publicist tells you, they would have lobbied hard to ensure that information cannot be kept under wraps by anyone.

And this is especially precious since in Canada, a lot of unemployed journalists successfully run for public office, and do absolutely nothing to address the obstacles that harm their former profession and push for laws to solve those problems.

So enough of the tantrum-throwing propaganda. You cannot be oblivious to reality, and then lament when that reality smacks you down and wipe the floor with you. Get over it...