Tanya Granic-Allen can't make things happen; so she keeps making excuses.

Some people are just bad losers. They want to lead, but never want to take the heat for their mistakes.

Tanya Granic-Allen can't play with the grown-ups, and her excuse-fest in the National Post is pathetic.

She was caught on camera saying very bigoted things -- and she has been caught saying other very vile things on Twitter -- her own words.

And then she has the nerve to say she was slandered.

Slandered? By who? Younger Tanya Granic-Allen?

Are you serious? Are you an actual adult, or an unreasonable facsimile of one?

And the teen-girl excuse that she was pregnant, sick, and on meds when she gave that speech?


Adults who are not in the condition of giving public speeches bow out responsibly. They do not make them and then try to ride on those same speeches to a political seat. That is no excuse. We all have issues. We all have serious multiple issues. That is not an excuse. That is life.

Have you notice those kinds of excuses are used only when actions blow up in people's faces -- but never when they work in their favour? How very convenient.

You are a bigot, Ms. Granic-Allen. You have bigot's values -- and then when things do not go your way, you infantilize yourself to dodge that bullet.

It is not working.

Yu ran for a leadership position -- and that is strictly reserved for big boys and girls, not little boys and girls.

And anyone who cannot stand up for and defend her beliefs, or take responsibility and own their mistakes is a little boy or girl.

And you are of the latter category.

Shame on you.

Shae on you for not realizing you were no match for the grown-ups...