Taking away press credentials? Not the first time that threat was made, but the reason why a journalistic alternative is critical now.

Donald Trump has been a thorn in the news media's flesh ever since he won the presidency without them.

And ever since them, instead of doing some soul-searching, journalists have been playing a very ugly game with him, hoping to make him just go away so they can pretend they have not lost the war.

It is a pipe dream.

But Trump is now openly musing licensing journalists, taking away their press credentials.

This is a dangerous game, and Trump knows they are in no true position to fight back. They play favourites until said favourite says something they do not like, and then they bluster in to completely denounce the person, and do everything in their power to make them believe what they want the person to believe. It was always a petty little game of punishment.

But in 2018, people have their own outlets to say what they want. They do not need journalism validation anymore -- not to breakthrough, and not to tell their stories. 

Because they lost their clout, the press is in a precarious position. Trump is not the first politician to make those dire threats, but he may be the first to make good on his threat.

Had journalism been a vigilant and realistic profession, they would have found ways to licence themselves -- and have their own standards, mandates, and governing bodies. Unified standards and methods would have gone a long way to co-opt government meddling -- something journalism needed to avoid at all costs.

But they thought they were still mighty, not the fallen -- and their fortunes continue to rot away, creating a chaos in a void in an Age of Propaganda...