Journalism's answer to their death: put a bandage on the rot.

Memo to Google: You cannot "fix" journalism. It beyond fixable in an age where people have their own outlets, and don't want to put up with someone else's propaganda.

Had journalism had the discipline to evolve their own profession, it would have never been decimated in the first place.

La Presse is becoming a nonprofit because its own owners see the writing on the wall.

And memo to the New Statesman: journalism is beyond reform, and no bad law will make it worse. It is done.

Journalism for the past couple of years have been talking about all sorts of "reforms" and "fixes", never considering that there is a point in time where there is no fixing anything.

It is akin to a house being bombed to the ground, and then standing around wondering if the rubble can be "fixed."

No, just because there are a few broken beams and bricks laying around, it doesn't mean they can be glued back together and everything will be as before.

You have to face the fact that rebuilding is in order -- from scratch...