Silliosity at the Toronto Star continues: they can monitor police, but police cannot listen to a radio show.

I was listening to Newstalk 1010 when this column was mentioned by the host who was as incredulous of the article as I am. As noted elsewhere, the article is big on bombast, but scant on actual facts.

The premise of this melodramatic knee-slapper is that Toronto police are monitoring activists -- and journalists. While I believe they do monitor activists, journalists are another matter.

Especially considering reporters to do not question police, but air press conferences and crib from police press releases; so kindly get over yourselves.

This passage is supposed to be some sort of trigger proof:

Under the guise of intelligence-gathering and security, the police apparatus in Canada pre-emptively tar activist movements as violent.
This allows them to create the suspicion of violence without much rationale for it. For example, in the case of Desmond Cole, a detective in the police’s intelligence Services Unit wrote in an email: “Desmond Cole is on 1010 radio right now talking about Police shootings.” The detective added, “Nothing new about his tone or rhetoric.”

Are you serious?

Newstalk 1010 does stories on police, interview police, have police on their shows as commentators, and you think police aren't going to listen to that radio station?


Stop trying to make up some silly little narrative that journalists make these horrific sacrifices for the sake of humanity. You aren't all that.

I know a thing or two about being monitored.


And I don't care...