If a so-called "elite" education was worth anything, then why did journalism collapse? Spoiler alert: Because expensive scripts are still useless.

It took a study to find out that elite newspapers do not take actual chances, and look for journalists educated in Ivy League universities, and in the UK, it is no different.

Which is an absolute humiliating piece of news for Ivy League universities.

Seriously, Ivy League educators: journalism collapsed, and it is thanks to your pathetic education.

Do you actually realize your grasp of reality is non-existent? Spewing scripts for the students to memorize is rote education -- the lowest level of education there is.

You are taking tens of thousands of dollars to mis-educate students who then merrily ran along into a once invincible industry and actually destroyed it.

Thanks, fellas.

If you are too dense to accept this truth from a female who spent her entire life studying journalism by working as a journalist, then go run along and ask Great Man Warren Buffet, who is wrong to think that the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal have a snowball's chance.

The industry is dead.

Educators failed. They failed to the point of being unable to see what that worthless education did for journalism.


That's j-school's dirty little secret: they actually have no clue what journalism was supposed to be or how to teach it.

And there is actual proof.

That's why an alternative to journalism is needed: to wrest control away from the arrogant and oblivious menaces who have no intention of accepting the blame of their horrific education, nor have any plans of making the proper changes needed to prevent such a travesty from ever happening again...