How Tanya Granic Allen outsmarted herself.

Some people never learn from other people's mistakes, and Tanya Granic Allen is one of them.

So let us play a little song for someone who uses old playbooks in a modern era.

I am certain she thought she had the foolproof plan all worked out. She pandered to social conservatives, using inflammatory rhetoric in her speeches. That is usually step one of the politically ambitious who make a deal with the devil to climb to the top. She had a single cause, which is a savvy thing to do: focus on something that guarantees a besieged following to support you as you work them and rally them. They get to know you, and you establish a base.

They'll remember and be very grateful that you are fighting on their behest.

Step two requires seizing an opportunity, and she certainly did: she did not have a snowball's chance winning the PC leadership race, but she would gain a spotlight with little effort -- and she could play kingmaker by giving her votes to dark knight Doug Ford, who is a veteran and far more cunning a strategist than the unoriginal by-the-numbers rube Granic Allen.

Step three is to take advantage of the spotlight and run for office -- something she would never had the clout or support to do. If all went well, she'd win, and Ford would give her a cabinet position.

That would have worked beautifully up to the mid-1990s.

But it isn't the mid-1990s, kids.

It is 2018 where we have had smart phones recording our every boneheaded move for a very long time.

The Liberals know they are in serious trouble, and they knew they had to take down Granic Allen as punishment for making their absolute nightmare come true.

So they retraced her steps right back to the beginning with her vitriolic and hateful little speech and threw it out there, where the rest of the world wanted to vomit listening to her petty little ignoramous twaddle, and they did not like who she really was.

And Doug Ford happily used his foot to kick her highness out the door.

She is throwing her little fairy princess temper tantrum on social media -- the very place that sparked her downfall, babbling some nonsense how Ford "betrayed" social conservatives and how she made Ford the leader.

Don't delude yourself, princess.

He can pander to them without you -- and they prefer white men making the rules -- not you who was never more than a low-level pawn more cunning players sized up and exploited before discarding you. You aren't smart or cunning.

You just memorized an old playbook that no longer applies. Well played.

You were doomed at step one, and like Patrick Brown, everyone in the party breathes a sigh of relief that they don't have to ever clean up one of your messes.

The Tories are getting very good at throwing out the extra baggage on their quest to becoming the ruling party in Ontario -- and you were just another unnecessary load they dumped the first chance they got...