The Ethics of Journalistic Narcissism: When you're a journalist, it really is all about you.

When journalists talk about themselves to the public, they all say the same thing as they all walk lockstep with each other.

And it has nothing to do with reality.

That is one of the biggest reasons the profession collapsed: it is too self-absorbed to see anything else because those big egos keep getting in the way.

I have written books about the reality of journalism since 2005, and I worked as a journalist doing so. I was working as a scientist and observer, looking at the dynamics of the newsroom as I studied those in the profession.

It was like watching someone running toward a cliff with a steep drop and missing all the signs, completely convinced that nothing bad would happen to them because they were just that special.

And they fell off the cliff.

They fell off a cliff even when people like me were writing books warning them that there was a cliff that did not have the same rig of ground there to prop them up.

Matt Gurney's goofy commentary is a case in point. It is a rambling and babbling piece of drivel that completely misses the point of what happened:

I am consistently amazed by how many literate, well-read people genuinely have no idea about the economic Armageddon crushing the industry. Maybe it’s because we don’t talk about this publicly outside of dry business reports about ad revenue and debt burdens. Is it out of embarrassment? Privacy? Denial? I couldn’t say. But I’m not always sure the modern journalist’s determination to keep a stiff upper lip is doing us much good in the long run.

Journalists don't talk about their economic woes? Are you serious? You make dire threats about what will happen to democracy in your rags every chance you get as you shameless beg the government to bail you out. You have your little Fear and Pity tours that are thinly disguised as "j-talks" -- and this web site had chronicled the endless whining and temper tantrums journalists have been throwing for months.

Like the Denver Post whose few remaining scribes have been throwing loud and self-pitying fits because they are losing their jobs.

You don't talk about it?

It is the only other thing journalists babble about beside Donald Trump rightfully calling the profession fake news.

Journalists are one of the least trusted professions that also happens to be one of the top professions that attract psychopaths.

Do we see how the two are related?

The more journalists talk about themselves, the more people they turn off with their narcissism and the constant dire threats that the world will collapse without journalists. That is the ethics of narcissism: you thump your chest and then make threats to the little people how they need you.

No, they don't.

You are not suffering for your art. You are all hoping this whole Internet thing will just go away, people will dumb down and settle for losing their voices, and all come crawling back to you so you can do the same thing that you have always been doing: shilling skewed opinion as news as you cover the beautiful people hoping to get a patronage appointment.

That is not how one keeps an industry alive and thriving.

It is about questioning every atom of your profession, criticizing it, and them experimenting and improving it.

And that requires shutting up about your boring old war stories, and thinking about something other than yourselves.

If journalists did that even ten years ago, your fortunes wouldn't be in a pine box.

And people like me weren't screaming from the top of our lungs because we wanted a profession to die.

We did it because we wanted it to thrive.

The mortal wounds journalism suffered were self-inflicted.

But that's what happens to people with a selfish mindset: they never see reality because their filters never allow any fact that proves their grandiose theories about their invincibility and superiority wrong....